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Usually when I walk out to get the mail, there’s always a dreaded feeling for what bills are inside. When you open your mailbox and see  a package waiting for you, dreadful thoughts turn into a curiosity for who it’s from and what’s inside. When I opened up the Moment packaging, I was very impressed with how the product was presented to the consumer both inside and out. It resembled something you’d unpack from Apple: crisp, sleek, and all one color packaging.

As soon as you open the boxes the lenses are stored in, you know you bought something great. I purchased the wide and telephoto lenses and each came cradled in a thick black box that you can easily reuse to store them at a later date. Tucked neatly under each lens was a cloth bag to pack them in while on the go but not in use. These little drawstring bags are excellent for cleaning the lenses off with as well. One piece of advice I offer you is when you store them in their respective bag, cinch them up and cross over the strings once and pull them tight to avoid a lens slipping out. I usually store them in my computer bag and there were a couple times I found a lens had fallen out of their bag and I was concerned they’d get scratched up with the plethora of gadgets I carry around on a daily basis.

The last item I unwrapped with a huge smile on my face was the lens mounting plate. Each lens came with a mounting plate, extra adhesive backing, and mounting instructions. I did find it a little difficult to get the backing off of the plate to expose the adhesive. The mounting plate is a thin piece of metal that bends extremely easily, as I’ll discuss later. I do appreciate the extra adhesive, but I’m curious as to how I’ll be able to use it. Since the mounting plate is so bendable, it’ll be hard to get all the old sticky stuff off the back to reapply apply the new adhesive backing. I’d imagine some cotton balls and alcohol may help remove it, but I haven’t had a chance to test this theory.



Mounting the lens plate is extremely important and I practiced a few times exactly where I wanted to place it before exposing the adhesive. Getting everything centered correctly is extremely important so you don’t have hardware blocking any portion of your photos. If you do make a mistake mounting the plate, I wish you luck getting the plate off cleanly without it bending. Once on, it has a hard time letting go. Unless you drop your phone like I did a few weeks later.

Both lenses have exclusive qualities you won’t find in the other. For example, if you were to stand in the exact same spot and shoot the exact same photo with each lens, the photos will be vastly different. If you only purchase one lens, you aren’t able to replicate what you’re missing by not having the other lens since their capabilities are mutually exclusive.


The wide angle lens expands your cameras field of vision quite a bit. You don’t realize how much you’re not capturing in your photos until you attach a wide angle lens to your iPhone’s camera. Photo apps like Instagram restrict your the size of your photos when sharing.  Adding an amazing wide angle lens like Moment will expand what you’re able to capture in your photos and then share with your family and friends.

The telephoto lens allows you to take more intimate photos without requiring you to zoom in. When you do though you can get great results with the right lighting. If you’ve ever tried to zoom in on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll notice how it pixelates your photos in most cases. With the Moment 2x telephoto lens, you’re able to take closer shots without having to sacrifice too much quality depending on lighting available. This lens can help you  capture shots you thought would’ve been impossible on an your iOS devices—seriously. I couldn’t believe some of the shots I was able to accomplish with the telephoto lens.

Something I never thought of before receiving these lenses was how they would possess  a conversation quality. At times I would put my iPhone down while a lens was still attached and someone would ask, “What is that”?! Millions of people use their smartphones on a regular basis and we snap millions of photos everyday. In 2013 Facebook reported users were uploading 350 million photos each day. With staggering numbers like this, I shouldn’t be surprised a lens attached to an iPhone would strike up so many conversations among complete strangers.

I’ve discussed a lot of the good qualities about the Moment lenses, but I do have a few complaints. The mounting plates are extremely fragile. I dropped my iPhone while the wide angle lens was attached and a vast majority of the mounting plate detached from my iPhone. This also bent the mounting plate quite a bit. I was able get most of the mounting plate to adhere to the back of my iPhone again, but it wasn’t as perfect due to it being all bent out of its original shape. Eventually I had to take the mounting plate off and attempt to straighten it out before reattaching. Unfortunately, it isn’t anywhere near as flush as it used to be. I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect after this mishap, but I wasn’t expecting it to detach this easily from such a short fall off our couch.

Plain and simple, there needs to be a case to protect the phone that also lets you to attach your lenses. You really don’t know if any existing case you own will allow you to attach the lenses until you put everything on and try it out. I’m a case collecting junky, so I can make something work. Not everyone is hoarding iPhone cases in their closets like I am, so offering up a case that protects our phones while allowing us to take amazing pictures would be spectacular!


Lastly, if you’re not going to make a case at least make the mounting plates affordable. Seeing as how I only have one mounting plate left, and they bend so easily, I’m one mishap away from rendering these lenses useless unless I want to shell out $9.99 for a replacement. The price I just shared with you isn’t for a pair, that’s $9.99 each. Getting it delivered will cost you more than the actual plate itself at $10.00 for US flat rate shipping. If Moment lenses really take off, which I hope they do, I’ll definitely be searching for another manufacturer that’ll offer more affordable mounting plates for these lenses in the future—common Amazon Prime! I hate turning away from companies I really want to support since I want them to continue developing great things, but I’ve got a bottom line to meet too.

The amount of pictures we take and share is astounding. In the past three years, storage space on my iPhone and iPad are constantly reaching capacity due to a me being so shutter happy. I’ve pre-ordered the iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB of storage and I can’t wait to get my hands on the  Watch, but I’m sure having that much storage on my iPhone won’t stop me from snapping even more photos and videos. With Instagram releasing a new app called Hyperelapse, a time lapse video creation app, I have a feeling this will be an ongoing problem for a lot of us for years to come. With these amazing photo lenses you can quickly and easily add to your smartphones, the amount of photos we snap and share will continue to rise.

All things considered, this is one Kickstarter project I’m extremely happy I joined. I’m in love with my iPhone and iPad. These are two devices I take with me nearly everywhere. I really like my Nikon digital SLR camera, but it can be a pain to carry around all the time when I’m just looking to capture a few random moments throughout my day. This is where Moment steps in and steals the show. They’re so easy to use while improving the overall quality and depth of your photos. If you’re looking to quickly and easily improve the photos you take on your smartphone, you need to give Moment a chance to help capture your moments better.

(4 / 5): Price of replacement mounting plates is too expensive given how expensive each lens is and how easy they are to bend.

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