Why Mobile Online Security is More Important Than Ever

When the internet first emerged in our lives few of us would realise the amazing possibilities it would unleash. But as we have started to use mobile technologies to carry out an ever-growing selection of tasks that range from personal communications to playing online games, we’ve gradually become more susceptible to an array of pernicious influences.

Most of us will be aware of the high profile hacking stories that have hit the headlines with many individuals having their personal data compromised by security breaches. Firms as varying as the Sony’s PlayStation Network gaming website and even online dating resource Ashley Madison have been hit by these sudden attacks.


Ultimately the responsibility for storing such information rests with the companies, but there are always steps that can be undertaken to try and minimise the risk to your mobile safety. One of the first questions to ask is what kind of company you’re giving your sensitive data to.

Whilst sites like Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store have sufficient accreditation to make them a trustworthy source, for other companies it can be more difficult to discern. Any company that handles financial transactions should always be examined carefully, as brands like Betway offer an online casino service that is robust and capable of handling deposits and payouts in a safe and secure manner.

However the internet is full of scare stories regarding phoney companies that use deceptive strategies like ‘phishing’ to part you with sensitive information. And when even prominent financial sites like banks can get caught out by hackers, it’s clear that the online environment is a real battleground.

One of the weakest links in any mobile activity is always the Wi-Fi signal. This is why you should only use Wi-Fi from a recognised authoritative source before carrying out any financial transactions, and never use public Wi-Fi in offices or airports for any data-sensitive affairs.

And much as you’d question who’d be snooping on your online affairs, it’s worth bearing in mind who has access to your personal devices. Simply setting up a quick passcode on your mobile device can take a matter of seconds and could save you a lot a pain in the future. And obviously be sure to change your password on a regular basis.

So whilst we cannot be completely invulnerable in the new online domain, there are plenty of simple tips we can undertake to ensure that our personal communications, online casino games and financial transactions can be carried out with increased security.

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