Mobile Gaming How Far We’ve Come [News]

Gone are the days when we just play games on consoles, stuck in a room unable to leave the excitement of Call of Duty. The era of mobile gaming has evolved tremendously. No more need for us to be gaming at home, we can now do it on the move. Whether you have an iPhone of a Nokia, gaming on the move is now a thing of the norm.

Another fact is the huge amount of different games available to download on the relevant AppStore. These manufactures knew very well that mobile gaming is the way forward. Of course you cannot beat the amazing graphics presented on a playstation 4 or the ability to play games with friends on the other side of the world. But you can take Grand Theft Auto in your pocket. If anyone told me 10 years ago that we will be able to do that I would probably said, no way. Look where we are now, we can pay a fraction of what we pay for an Xbox console game on an iPhone and still have an enjoyable gameplay. Something a lot of us a few years previous wouldn’t think would be possible.

The first ever game on a mobile phone was my favorite, Tetris. This was on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device in 1994. December 1997, three years later Nokia launched the very successful snake. Snake was preinstalled on every Nokia phones and probably still is up to this date. Snake has gone to become one of the most played mobile games and is found on over 350 million devices worldwide. We can say Nokia have definitely set the trend. Nowadays we have a more vast selection. You can play games such as Guardian of the Galaxy, Call of Duty, book of ra online, Need for Speed and a whole lot more on your mobile device.

The mobile gaming market have grown worldwide but one country more than any, where we have seen a high growth and sort of expect there to be a high mobile gaming growth is China. Mobile gaming is the next generation for sure and it will keep improving for our entertainment.

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