Migalolo Ocean eBook, a great app for kids [App Review]

Migalolo_IconMigalolo is a musical which is set in the ocean and will give users an opportunity to swim with the dolphins and sing with a starfish. Migalolo: The Ocean Musical – a new app and a new concept from the award-winning composer Shirley Choi which is designed to get children of all ages on board to learn about and experience the magic of the ocean.

The ocean musical is fun and interactive, so kids can come on board and get really involved in the magic and the singing. There are nine chapters taking well over 90 minutes of musical and educational fun.

Kids can sing along to education al songs as they watch rich, beautiful graphics that will showcase several sea creatures of such diversity. All of the sea creatures will appear in their undersea world of colour and environmental awe.

One of the most important messages which comes out of this app is the environmental one. Children will (hopefully) learn about the science of the sea and the need for its protection. They will learn what it takes to protect our seas from overfishing and whaling and discover new ways in which to protect the Earth’s natural corals and oceans.Migalolo_Ocean_eBook

There will be plenty of new friends to meet along the way, including the boy who turned into a dolphin called Henry. He has a pet cat called Iko and a wise old turtle called Yai. There are several more characters along the seabed who will engage with those playing Migalolo.

There is even a bit of a modern and contemporary twist to the characters: as you swim through the seas and oceans with Iko, Henry and Yai you will encounter such zany creatures as a sassy seabird and a trout fish that raps!

But you should not underestimate the important message that is being carried here: there are many topics being covered here and all of them are done so in a fun and engaging way, so your child is not likely to get bogged down with some hard-hitting political message. The wonderful and catchy tunes will have all your children singing about the seas as they learn all about the ocean, seas and corals. They will also get to learn all about the wonderful creatures that live there

The app’s makers are the one and same team behind Kakamega: The Rainforest Musical, a creative and musical way to learn all about the wonders of the rainforest and how important it is to preserve the tropical woodland wonders.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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