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mydistriKt-iconHow many times have you relied on another persons thoughts and opinions when making a decision? If you’ve ever gone on vacation, I’m sure you researched the destination, restaurants in the area, and your hotel of choice before heading out the door. When it comes to a lot of things, we seek guidance and knowledge from others. Yelp  is the go-to app for millions when it comes to getting advice on where to go and what to do. My wife and I relied on Yelp when we went to Hawaii last year. What if you are looking for information in a specific area or you just want to discover a new sliver of Mother Earth, is there an app for that? Yes there is, and it’s called mydistriKt.

Users on mydistriKt mark their territory around areas they’re knowledgeable about or those places they simply want people to see by sharing photos, information, videos (up to 11s in length) or they can even write articles for you to read. I’m sure you’ve noticed experts on top review sites who post review after review of the restaurants or hotels they’ve visited. They’re a wealth of knowledge for a lot of people and the experiences they share help others make decisions. Whether you have a lot or just a little information to tell about a specific area, you must download and start sharing it on mydistriKt!

I started using mydistriKt and centered my territory around 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California. Those of you familiar with this address know it’s the headquarters for Apple. Why did I set this as my territory? Since iOS Etc’s focus is on Apple’s iOS, I figured it was only fitting to center my distriKt around their headquarters. Everything I share in this territory always relates to Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, etc. Anyone looking for information or advice can visit my territory (theCritic) on mydistriKt to learn more about iOS related information.

mydistriKt-screenshot-1-iPhone6PlusWhat distriKt could you setup that you’re knowledgeable about? Take Walt Disney World in Florida for example. My wife is amazing at planning our Disney trips. She could setup her distriKt around this area to share her wealth of Disney knowledge with others. By adding pictures, videos, and writing articles, she can help others maximize their Disney vacation experience by showing others the best places to watch the fireworks from or a place to grab sushi. If she didn’t want to go into as much detail, she could simply share photos and videos so others can see Disney from her point of view.

mydistriKt is great at exposing you to areas and information you probably never would’ve discovered had someone not shared the information with you. Another great thing about mydistriKt is you’re seeing information from their perspective, not the fancy pictures you see on business or travel sites. It’s a real person sharing their own experiences and media with you. It’s great being able to access information people are passionate about. iOS Etc marked our distriKt based on our knowledge and experience with iOS devices and we want others to seek us out when they’re looking for information in this area.

I’m sure you have a lot great things to share with others and people could learn a lot from you. Why not define your distriKt and start sharing your wealth of knowledge or your perspective of a certain location with others? Go ahead, it’s so easy to do!

Once you get signed up, you need to identify your area of expertise or you can identify a specific location others may not know about and you’d like to introduce it to them. Let’s say you define your distriKt around a favorite beach you visit regularly. You’ve collected numerous shells, surfed, always get a great tan here, or the overall atmosphere around this place is amazing and you want others to discover it too. Now you’re able to share the photos and videos you’ve taken while visiting and write some information others might want to know about while visiting. You might even want to share some of your favorite places to get lunch nearby, where to park, or even the best vantage point to catch a sunrise or sunset. What you decide to share is completely up to you. Share a little or a lot, there’s no right or wrong way to expose your distriKt.

What if you just want to share information about a location, but don’t consider yourself an expert? Romain Angeletti (@angelettiromain), founder of mydistriKt, informed me, “You don’t need to be an expert about a location. The point is for users to talk about a location. A French user has created a distriKt in Miami called ‘Miami pourri’ – Miami rotten. It’s funny and his way to talk about Miami from his point of view.” As you can see, you can have fun with mydistriKt without being an expert on a certain area.

No matter how you decide to share your distriKt, it’s your way of sharing this slice of the world with others however you choose to present it.

Sharing information about your distriKt is great, but you’re also able to conneKt with others using mydistriKt. If there’s somewhere you were looking to discover, you can easily search for it in mydistriKt. There are more and more users joining mydistriKt every day, so if you’re dream location doesn’t have someone sharing information, it’s only a matter of time before someone marks this territory. I’m always looking for great photos and videos from Hawaii and currently, there’s nobody sharing anything on the islands yet, but there will be soon I’m sure.

mydistriKt-screenshot-2-iPhone6PlusYou’re able to like and comment on other posts, just like you’re able to do in Instagram. Actually, mydistriKt has a certain feel to it which reminds me of Instagram meets Vine and Facebook. mydistriKt allows you to share a lot of information by using a few different mediums I’m sure you’re comfortable with on your iOS devices. mydistriKt allows you to showcase your original work in a very unique fashion which is a fresh and exciting way to interact with others. I found I was very interested to discover where others were marking their maps and sharing information from.

One feature in mydistriKt I really enjoyed was the “keep” feature. When you find something you really like and you don’t want to forget about it, just tap the sideways K and it’s saved to your profile for easy finding. I’ve seen a few of those I’m conneKted with are using this option when saving some of the tips and tricks  I’ve shared in my distriKt. Now they’re able to quickly recall previously viewed information rather than trying to search for it again later.

mydistriKt lets you easily search for other locations to conneKt with as well as provides you with trending information. It’s easy to find so many other great distriKts to conneKt with on mydistriKt. We all have a lot to share and mydistriKt provides a great place for all of us to tell a story by using many different media options.

So far mydistriKt has been an absolute joy to use. There are a few kinks in need of attention though. You receive notifications when someone likes, comments, keeps, or conneKts with you. There’s a number informing you how many notifications there are waiting for you to view. Sometimes I’ve had to leave the notification screen and come back to clear this alert. A few of times I thought it was a new notification waiting for me to view only to discover it was previous information I already viewed.

Another thing I’ve noticed over the past few days is there isn’t a return or enter button when you’re writing an article. In other words, you can’t start a new paragraph while writing an article to share about your distriKt. I’ve been informed a web version of mydistriKt is in the works and should be online soon, which will make sharing even easier on mydistriKt, especially if you’re sharing articles with your conneKtions.

mydistriKt is a fresh new way to explore and share the world near and far. Whether you consider yourself an expert or just an adventurer looking to share a slice of the world with others, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring and sharing with mydistriKt. You can download mydistriKt for free in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) Share and explore the world like never before!!

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