Maps is Even Smarter in iOS 9 Thanks to Siri [Just-A-Tip]

Finally, iOS 9 is out and if adoption rates for this iOS are anything like they’ve been in the recent past, you’ve probably already downloaded and started using the newest update. With each new update though there are new features and options you’re able to utilize. One of the features I’m really excited about is the updates the native Maps app received.

Sure, the Maps app just received public transit information for users in select cities to take advantage of, which is amazing, but I’m a daily driver for work so this update won’t come in handy as much as the new Nearby feature will. What is the Nearby feature? If you’ve ever Googled restaurants or gas stations near me for quick access to what you need right now, you’re going to love this feature. The great thing about this update is you can access it quickly via Search on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or while in the native Maps app. It’s quick and convenient and amazingly helpful.

Accessing Nearby information in the Maps app will resemble what you’ve probably done in the past, except now it’s much more responsive. Open the Maps app and type in a category of business you’re looking for, i.e. gas stations, restaurants (even specific types like Mexican or Italian restaurants), shopping, coffee, etc. A list with drop pins will quickly pop up where you’ll have access to customer reviews thanks to Yelp. Instead of typing the name of a business you’re looking for, with iOS 9 you’re able to quickly select different categories or simply type in your own idea to search for something nearby, like Pubs or Movie Theaters.Map_Nearby_Suggestions_iOS_9

If you’d like to access Nearby information without having to search for and open the native Maps app on your home screen, simply drag or swipe right until you’re able to do a Spotlight Search on your iOS device. Here you’ll notice under the Nearby section there are different searchable categories for businesses you can find which are near your current location. Even if you don’t see the category you’re looking for, simply start typing the business category you need. In most cases a specific business will come up with another selectable link underneath saying “More locations in Maps” which will open the Maps app where you can dive even deeper into your quest for more nearby information.

There is a catch though when it comes to accessing this information. You must allow Siri to have access to your current location. If you have this privacy setting turned off, you’re not able to view to this information.Maps_iOS_9_Siri_Search

To turn this privacy setting on or off, go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and toggle Siri Suggestions on or off. With this setting turned on you’ll receive smart Siri suggestions based on your location, people you interact with the most, or apps you’ve used recently. The idea is to give you quick access to apps, people and information before you even start typing so hopefully you don’t need to input anything. Instead, exactly what you want or need is right there for quick access—laziness and brilliance together at last!

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