Making the Weather Look Beautiful with Weather Nerd [App Review]

363882_largerWe all have our morning routines. Wake up, check our phones for texts and emails, jump in the shower, maybe check the news and finally and I would say most importantly check the weather.

There are hundreds of weather apps in the App Store, each offering a slightly different view on what is outside our windows. The weather app that comes with the iPhone is great, but what if you want a little bit more information? Luckily Weather Nerd has your back.

Weather Nerd, developed by All Star Apps makes checking the weather each day almost enjoyable.

When first launching Weather Nerd it will ask you for your location. This was a little annoying with previous versions but it’s clear the guys at All Star Apps have made a real effort with version 1.9. When you launch the app you get a lovely animation while it searches for your location. As soon as your location has been found it will load the location for the area you are in.

The Design of Weather Nerd is beautiful; the colored backgrounds show the current weather conditions and each tab is stuffed full of information which is presented in a way that makes it perfectly easy to read and not too busy. The background is reflective of the weather outside; if it’s sunny outside the app is bright, if it’s raining the background will rain. A beautiful tweak which makes the app feel like a highly polish product.


A line-graph shows the temperature for the day with a slightly dimmer line showing the temperature yesterday. Rain is displayed as part of a graph and displayed over an hourly time frame. To top this off, Weather Nerd has animated wind data, which is a nice touch and breaks the amount of information you can see into manageable chunks. Swiping to the right will show weather data broken down by ‘Today, Tomorrow, Week and Calendar’. Each of these pages give you more and more information from wind speed to humidity, from ‘feels like temperature’ to sunset.

Weather Nerd also offers an Apple Watch counter app, which displays the Hour and Day Forecast and looks beautiful. However it is noticeable that the ‘wind’ is missed off on the Apple watch

In addition to all of this information, Weather Nerd also comes with 3 Widgets, hour, day and week which can be accessed with a simple swipe down.

Weather Nerd is available in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

(4.5 / 5) Weather Nerd 1.9 is a great update to the previous version. The current location and faster loading times make this app brilliant. I’m so impressed with the new features for Weather Nerd, it has replaced Dark Sky as my default weather app of choice.

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