Making Collaboration Easy with Quip [App Review]


We live in a wonderful world, where you can make flyers and posters in
moments with very little knowledge or skill. 922896_largerMost phones and computers come pre-installed with text editing and Excel creator type document creators built in such as Google Docs or Apples iWork.

But what happens when you want to work with someone else? Apples iWork is limited and really does not offer a lot in the way of edit-ability. You can only collaborate if one user is on a Mac and even then changes and edits are slow and buggy. Google Docs is much better; edits and changes can be made but again its a little slow and is so feature heavy it makes most people recoil in horror.. And well its Google.

There is a third option out there. Founded in 2012 by ex Facebook CTO and Google Maps creator Bret Taylor and Google’s App engine creator Kevin Gibbs, Quip has slowly been making a name for itself in the work collaboration world. Best of all it’s free to personal users.

Quip lets you create text or Excel documents with ease, adding things like conditional formatting tick boxes and photos in a second. When you are ready to share your work simply tick the ‘share a link’ button and send to who ever you want to collaborate with. All your collaborator will need to do is open the link on their smart phone or computer and follow a couple of sign up steps. These generally last 2-3 minutes and then done! You are both working on the same document and able to see, thanks to a little maker, where the other person is editing. There is also an option to go back to previous edits incase anything were to go wrong.

The reason Quip really stands out for me is, unlike Apple, Quip doesn’t require anyone to be using a desktop, all the work done on Quip can be done via a website or on a mobile device (iPhone 4 or higher). Unlike Google, Quip is extremely simple to use, a document can be created in minutes, Excel formulas are simple to add to and tick boxes and photos look beautiful.

Quip is free in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

(5 / 5) A solid app, easy to use and free! What else could you ask for?


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