Make New Friends and Send Them Into Battle in ‘Jungle Force’ [App Review]

When it comes to playing games on my iPhone or iPad, I can honestly say card battle games are not the first I seek out. I appreciate what they offer, but I get board with them rather quickly. Fedeen Games, a team of motivated game developers driven to share their favorite mobile games with fellow enthusiasts, will drop a progressive card battle strategy game in the App Store by mid to late March you might want to watch for. Fedeen Games is known for creating visually appealing and addicting games and their newest creation, Jungle Force, appears to be business as usual.

I’ve been playing Jungle Force over the last week and I’ve started questioning why I don’t interact with these games more often. If I’m being honest, the evolution or upgrading of animals in Jungle Force  is quite comical. A mouse in your arsenal comes armed with a bow and arrow but eventually evolves into a pistol toting, cowboy hat wearing badass. Subtle touches like this had me wanting to spend my collection of money and meats to upgrade my jungle creatures—or should I say friends since I’ve grown attached to them—just to see them evolve.

Another great feature in Jungle Force  is the step-by-step tutorials it provides you. It’s easy to get confused with all the menus and options to choose from for different characters and locations you have to navigate through. As you play, Jungle Force  keeps you informed about different menus and options you haven’t accessed yet since these areas are unlocked as you progress through the game.

As new features or quests become available there’s a blinking beacon which easily grabs your attention. This is extremely helpful since it keeps you in the loop about different options available to you as the game evolves. Make sure to complete daily quests to unlock some freebies.

Jungle-Force-ScreenshotThere are lots of different areas you need to pay attention to while playing, but Jungle Force  does an adequate job of exposing you to multiple layers in the game. This definitely helped keep my interest high since I knew where most functions were when I needed to get access to them. Once you get the hang of Jungle Force, you’re eagerly anticipating each new battle with your ferocious and courageous team of animal warriors.

As your experience level increases, you’ll gain access to other areas of the game. For example, at level 10 you’re able to unlock the Black Market where you access different items to use in the game. I’ve found myself working harder to level up to gain access to these different areas just to see where I can go or what I can equip my animal warriors with.

The graphics in Jungle Force  are quite impressive too. As I mentioned before, Fedeen Games produces visual stunners and Jungle Force  presents us with some really fun retro pixel graphics. Street Fighter and Mortal Combat were a few of my favorites growing up and Jungle Force possess the pixel styling of these classics I remember from my childhood. It was hard for me to focus on strategy since I was so enthralled with the graphics and searching for minor fun details in the animation.

So far it seems Jungle Force  is pretty flawless, and for the most part it is. One thing I felt was a little off was the way tips are shared with players. Unfortunately the matches load so fast, in most cases, I wasn’t able to read all the information being shared, which was frustrating. At least give players time to read all the information before the match starts. Better yet, make tips a pop up window which players can deselect if they no longer wish to see tips. Now it’s on the users if they don’t want to see theses anymore.

Conquer, collect, and evolve on your adventure with new jungle friends—84 to be exact—across three maps and over 100 levels.

Currently Jungle Force  isn’t available to download in the App Store yet. Right now it’s enjoying a soft release in Canada, but will make its way to the US App Store in mid to late March. When it’s released, it will be a free download with in-app purchases available to enhance your experience. Prices will range from $0.99-$99.99.

(4.5 / 5) Ferociously fun and entertaining, a must download!

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