Looking for an Arcade Style Game? Meet Dulp [App Review]

Dulp-Icon-iOS7-512Mobile arcade-style games by nature are designed to be difficult to put down as they get progressively harder. They’re quick to learn and easily become the game you reach for when you’re looking to kill some time. Developers over at Nexx Studio just released Dulp, a quick-fix mobile arcade game, which is sure to help you lose track of time and sleep—at least that’s what happened to me.

The overall concept of Dulp is really quite simple, smash the corresponding colored ball into the rotating color tile until there are no tiles remaining. Simple right? As you progress through Dulp you start to notice how our good friends over at Nexx Studio have a few tricks up their sleeves for clearing each level.

One row of spinning tiles becomes two and the next color you must clear might be in the second row which is protected by the first row. Now your move requires an even more skillfully timed release in order to advance. If you’re familiar with the phrase “timing is everything”, it definitely applies while playing Dulp. If you’ve timed your move correctly, play continues. If not, you’ll have to start the level over.

Dulp is extremely easy to learn but hard to master. Some levels you won’t be able to complete on your first try or your 10th attempt. This is exactly why Dulp so addictive!! You make your move and you’re ever so slightly off on timing and you think I’m so close, I’ll get it next time. This thought process is true for numerous levels and I fell victim to its addictive qualities.

My wife and I have an 18 month old daughter and when it’s nap time or bedtime for all of us, I rarely spend too much time poking around on my iOS devices (hard to believe I know, but it’s true). During my review of Dulp there were instances when I didn’t get a few things done around the house or grab as much sleep as I should’ve overnight due to this quick-fix mobile arcade style game. I’d start playing and I couldn’t put it down! One evening I glanced over at the clock where it was informing me it was after midnight and I had to force myself to put down my iPhone 6s and go to bed—it was a struggle, seriously. I was simply having too much fun and sacrificing precious sleep in the process.

The look and layout of Dulp is very simple and straight forward. The white background does a great job of helping the colored tiles standout so you can execute moves properly. Be sure and study the colors closely though to ensure you’re firing at the correct colored tile or you’ll have to start over (been there, done that). Some of the colors are strikingly similar, but definitely different—very sneaky Nexx Studio!!

Dulp features a simple look while still being appealing, but you’re not in it for the overall look, you just want to knock out those colored tiles.

• Simple and challenging gameplay
• Over 147 levels at launch
• Continuously evolving level mechanisms
• One touch control
• Available on iTunes App Store and Google PlayIMG_0383

Dulp is rated for ages 4 and up and, like I said before, easy to understand conceptually but difficult to master overall. Those looking to test their hand-eye coordination will thoroughly enjoy Dulp since it definitely puts these abilities to the ultimate test.

If you’re like me, once you start playing it’ll be hard to breakaway from Dulp. It feels like the app laughs at you when you make a mistake. Depending how many tiles you’ve removed coupled with their placement when you make a mistake, sometimes it looks like a smiley face and a tongue is sticking out at you. Well, I’m not going to let Dulp get the last laugh, so naturally I kept trying and trying to beat this level in order to show them who’s boss. Sure my to-do list and sleep suffer, but they started it.

Families will get a kick out of Dulp too. How? Pass the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch around to other family members for each level and when you make a mistake, pass it to the next player. This way the whole family gets in on the addictive action in Dulp which allows a player to bask in the glory when they pass a level everyone was having trouble with.

Quality for your money regarding Dulp, well it’s a free download to play with in-app purchases available to skip a level or to stop displaying ads. To remove ads, it’ll cost you $1.99 or $0.99 to skip a level. Save your money on skip a level since you’re offered a chance to skip levels you’re having trouble with after a while by simply watching an ad.  If you don’t like watching ads after you’ve failed advancing past a level a certain amount of times, like myself, just spend the $1.99 and get ready for action; it’s worth it the money. Otherwise, get ready to watch some ads about other apps available for you to download, which is fine if you find something new you can’t live without.

Download Dulp on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch today by visiting the App Store, but make sure you have some free time to spare. Once it gets its hooks in you, you’re free time is toast.

(5 / 5) Buyer beware, clear your schedule and prepare to stay up late with this addictive quick-fix mobile arcade pleaser!!

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