Lonely Sun – Challenging, but AMAZING

lonely sunLonely Sun is one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played and I love it for that reason. I’m a weird gamer to begin with. If you’ve read my other reviews you would understand that I buy games depending on how much I can cheat at it. I love games where I am indestructible and can win easily. There’s no cheating in this game at all, and even though it is really hard I have found this game a great way to pass the time. I find myself saying “wow” a lot at how beautiful the background is.

The premise of the game is that you are a fledgling planet and you have to navigate to obtain 5 planet core’s in each stage. There are 3 stages to each world and there are 5 worlds. You are essentially gravity for this planet throughout space.

The gameplay is very simple. You swipe your way through obstacles both high and low. This is not why it’s challenging. The way you play the game could not be easier to understand. You can instantly sit down and get into it.

It’s gets challenging because there are no check points until you complete the stage. One wrong move and you start back at the beginning. Each stage seems to get even harder than the last unbeatable stage.

That being said, I can’t stop playing it. I get delightfully frustrated every time I play it. And the one stage that I beat in 10 days made me want to throw a party. I never thought that a game would make me feel like I achieved so much in my life after beating a stage.

The different worlds are similar but with additional obstacles. You pick between 5 worlds. The differences in planets are like one world has bursts of air that shoot up from the ground or down from the top. While another world has shards that move from top to bottom. The color scheme is different in each one.

The graphics are amazing for an iPhone game. If you’re going to make a game that seems to be so simple but ends up taking you longer then a law degree to get past a stage it needs to have great graphics, and this one does.

lonely sun

The thing is, the challenge makes me want to play it more and more. And, they really never have to add additional stages or worlds because I don’t see how anyone can get passed every stage in every world.

This is a game I would be comfortable buying… your $1.99 means you don’t have to watch videos or wait for your energy level to fill up and play once a day for special bonuses. It’s there when you want to play it and doesn’t bug you with notifications.

If I had to give this game a Con, I would say that it doesn’t have an iPad version that maximizes a bigger display. You have to play this on the phone or play the iPhone version on the iPad. But, I’m sure that’s in the works. This game is just really new to iOS.

Lonely Sun is an indie app out of Rinikulous Games and available now in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Rinikulous Games is an indie studio specializing in iOS mobile games with interactive experiences.

In conclusion, this game is hard but that’s a good thing. It’s a forever app, that I couldn’t imagine deleting in a month or two.

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