Learn How to Search Your Photos by Location or Time in iOS 9? [Just-A-Tip]

We take a lot of pictures! Don’t be embarrassed about it, be happy you’re capturing amazing moments in time. If you’ve enabled location services on your Camera, those photos you’re taking will be geotagged with a date and location. Now with iOS 9 Siri is able to search these photos by time and location.

When would you use a feature like this? Remember how I just said we take a lot of pictures? Have you ever tried to go back and search through all your hundreds, if not thousands, of photos looking for that one hilarious or memorable shot? There’s nothing more frustrating than talking about a photo with friends or family members and then taking 5 minutes to sift through them trying find it. If you’re lucky your friends still remember what you’re talking about when you finally locate it and pass your iPhone or iPad around the room for everyone to see.

To take advantage of this feature simply activate Siri and say, “Show me photos from Chicago this July” and she’ll spring into action. You’ll be presented with only those photos you took in Chicago during July broken down by days of the month. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of the time period but know it was taken in a certain place. Just ask her to show you photos from this location.

If you’re like millions of other iOS users, you’ve got a lot of photos on your device. Find the shot you’re looking for quicker and easier thanks to iOS 9 and Siri.

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