Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet the iPhone 6 [News]

If you attempted to tune into the Apple Live Event yesterday, we probably shared a few choice words at the exact same time. Epic live stream fail aside, the unveiling of the iPhone 6 was extremely exciting and provided us a lot of answers about what we’ve been wondering about for months. I’ll share with you some of the highlights and surprises for iPhone 6.

A big surprise for a lot of rumor followers, like myself, was neither iPhone 6 had the much anticipated Sapphire Crystal displays. Instead, Phil Schiller informed us how the displays were “ion strengthened.” This ion strengthening process Schiller is describing actually does make the display stronger by replacing the sodium ions in the glass with larger potassium ions. This ion replacement process is what produces Gorilla Glass and it’s extremely interesting this name never came up. Is Apple beginning to distance themselves from Gorilla Glass?

Even though Sapphire Crystal won’t be used on the new iPhone 6 display, there’s still a strong belief it will eventually find its way on our iPhone screens in the not so distant future.


This didn’t come as a surprise at all, but the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will feature the new A8 chip. Apple’s newest chip can deliver as much as 25 percent faster CPU performance and up to 50 percent faster graphics. The A8 chip has 2 billion transistors, which is a billion more than the A7 chip. Given the higher resolution screens for both models, Apple needed to equip these phones with a chip able to handle higher demand.

The A8 chip will also have a M8 motion co-process to monitor motion data coming from the iPhone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.


iPhones iSight camera is still equipped with an 8 MP camera. I was hopeful we would see it upgraded to at least 10 MP. Apple did improve upon the camera through a new Focus Pixels sensor, improved lens and image stabilization. Focus Pixels are reported to sense light more quickly and allow for quick auto focus—two times faster focus. It’ll be easier to avoid trying to quickly snap a photo only to have the camera refocus and miss the shot. Image stabilization (iPhone 6 Plus only) will allow the lens to move up, down, left and right to help improve photos and videos. Your videos, especially the new time lapse videos, will be noticeably better thanks to this improvement.

If you haven’t started practicing your time-lapse video skills, you might want to give Hyperlapse a try. It’s a fun and easy way to create amazing time-lapse videos.

The look, weight, and dimensions of the new iPhone 6 are very exciting and both models are more rounded. The rounded features are more reminiscent of the first generation iPhone, which I miss dearly. The rounded edges had such a better feel in your hands. It also made it easier to get in and out of your pockets. It’s great seeing the screen size expand whereas the width is slimmer on both models. The weight of the iPhone 6 is lighter than the iPhone 5c, but heavier than the 5s. With the iPhone 6 Plus being the largest phone Apple has ever created, it should come as no surprise it’s the heaviest iPhone yet.

Each new iPhone 6 got an HD Retina display with the 4.7” display resolution at 1334 by 750 with 326 ppi (pixels per inch). The iPhone 6 Plus 5.5” display resolution is 1920 by 1080 with 401 ppi. Although the iPhone 6 has 38 percent more pixels and the iPhone 6 Plus has 185 percent more pixels than iPhone 5s, there’s more to it than just pixel count.


The new HD Retina displays with dual domain pixels allow for wider viewing angles and they’ll produce better color saturation. Apps you currently have on your iPhone should look much better on the new iPhone 6 models with these great HD Retina displays. With better pixel density you won’t have to worry about black bars when stretching the appearance of apps.

Lastly, iPhone 6 will offer up Apple Pay. This is feature is exclusive to iPhone 6 and will be available come October. Apple is looking to finally make a virtual wallet you will actually use without worrying about security risks. In today’s day and age, it’s something we should all be concerned about, but they just might be onto something here.


Contactless payment is a great way to securely pay for items at the point of sale. Merchants won’t know your name, credit card number, or security code when you use Apple Pay. Your credit cards stay in your wallet throughout the entire payment process.

Transaction information is not stored by Apple when you use Apple Pay either. Your most recent purchases are stored in your Passbook for your convenience only. This means the items you bought, prices you paid, or the stores you visit the most isn’t shared with Apple.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is available to preorder on Friday, September 12th online or purchase in-store on September 19th. iOS 8 will be a free download available on September 17th, so brush up on the new iOS before you get the new iPhone. iOS 8 is compatible with the iPhone 4S and newer, the 5th generation iPod Touch, all iPads except for the original iPad.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the new iPhone 6. There are a few things I wish Apple would’ve added or done differently. Why did they get rid of the 32GB option but keep the 16GB? The apps we download these days are storage hungry and we’re constantly fighting the storage space battle. With only a $100 price difference between the 16GB and 64GB models, it seems pointless to keep the smaller storage option. I want a water resistant iPhone. The only reason I purchase AppleCare is solely because I’m afraid of getting it wet. There are smartphones on the market that are offering this protection, please deliver the goods!

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