Korea’s Smash Hit ‘Raven’ Will Be Released in North America in 2015 [News]

Three years of development went into the Hack and Slash RPG game Raven, which quickly shot up to the #1 top grossing slot in both the App Store and the Google Play Market faster than any previous game in Korea. Raven was the most anticipated game for 2015 in Korea and it features high quality graphics and it’s jammed full of action-packed content.

Raven is currently slated for a North American release later this year from Netmarble US, the newly formed North American branch of the South Korean mobile game publisher Netmarble Games.

Anticipation for Ravens release in North America is high due to the record smashing results it enjoyed in Korea. After a teaser was released this past December in Korea, anticipation built up and lead to a frenzy of downloads on its launch day. Raven ranked #1 in popularity in the App Store only one day after its release. Raven accumulated 3 million downloads and averaged 1 million daily users within ten days of its release—impressive!Raven_PvP_iphone_6_Screenshot

You’ll enjoy five game play modes in Raven. Some of these modes include Adventure mode with 150 stages, Raid mode where you’ll fight against a dragon with your friends, Arena mode with 1v1 matches and Guild matches where 18 players fight for their guilds honor.

The great thing about Raven is the smooth virtual controls and the thousands of different items and equipment you’re able to collect. This app delivers console quality gameplay on your mobile devices.

We haven’t received a date for the North American release yet, but as soon as we find out we’ll definitely share it with you. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or like iOS Etc on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

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