‘Kill The Bad Guy’ Coming To OS X Soon [New Game]

Become part of a secret company that’s out to rid the world of “bad guys” in an upcoming game from Exkee called Kill The Bad Guy. Players creep through the shadows while they are challenged to off the bad guy using critical thinking skills and physics. In some situations there’s more than one way to off your target, especially during bodyguard levels. No matter how you slice it, your helping make the world a safer place by offing these mafia bosses, drug lords, or war criminals. Check out the trailer below.

What seems like a calm and utopian environment becomes a platform for players to deliver much needed justice for these scumbags. No bad guy is safe in Kill The Bad Guy and it will be available soon for Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 28th. Every level offers up new tricks and tools to use to get the job done, so you might want to go back and see how justice looks using a different approach. Get ready to have a blast in this new challenging justice delivering game for your computer. Hopefully it will make its way to iOS in the future so you can enjoy delivering justice while on the go too. 

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