Kids Learn Coding While Interacting With an App and Robots [News]

Wonder_IconIn todays day and age sparking your child’s creativity to help them learn skills for the future might seem like a daunting task. Sure it’s easy to toss them a tablet or smartphone to play with, but some may challenge this practice is a cop out or a quick fix to keep your children occupied. Our friends over at Wonder Workshop are inviting young curious minds to engage with a innovative coding app which introduces robots into everyday child’s play

Wonder Workshop recently released the Wonder app in the App Store which combines unstructured play with hundreds of in-app challenges to help guide them to success. Wonder teams up with Dash and Dot, award-winning robots children program using innovative coding via Wonder app, to expose them to computer science and coding skills.Wonder_App_Coding_Screenshot

“Coding and robotics are 21st century building blocks that give children the power to create, be curious, and succeed,” stated Vikas Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop. “We’ve developed a language that gives our plans and intent an immediate visual form with the touch of a finger. This intuitive interface will help every child discover robotics as never before, and bring robots like Dash and Dot to life with their creativity.”

Children 8 and up will use the Wonder app to develop elaborate and intuitive behaviors for Dash and Dot. Children and robots become more capable as progress is made through project-based puzzles and challenges presented in the app. ‘Bot IQ’ is gained as they explore the Wonder app.

The Wonder app is a free download in the App Store, Android app available later this month, and Wonder Workshop released Dot as a standalone product for only $49.99. Dot comes equipped with multiple games children can play right out of the box. The Wonder app comes with hundreds of challenges children can interact with and explore along using their robot Dot. Dash is available for $149.99 or you can purchase both Dash and Dot together for $199.95. Other additions and accessories are available to purchase and further information on these items can be seen by clicking here.

If you’re in the market to help your child explore their creativity and critical thinking skills, the Wonder app along with Dash and Dot is exactly what they need. Children are excited and engaged as soon as they open the box and remove their new robots. Introducing children to computer science and robotics has never been easier and you’re allowing them to develop amazing skills and abilities at a young age which could help them as they grow and develop mentally.

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