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Want to save money on making phone calls across the globe? KeepSolid released a new app which offers you limitless communication capabilities.

Meet KeepSolid Phones, the app which lets you use multiple phone numbers in different countries on one device and one billing account.

KeepSolid Phones frees you from boundaries, so if you need a phone number outside the country you reside in, this app has you covered. Take and make calls within the area code of your choosing and save loads of cash on international calls.

Instead of paying international charges for calls made across the globe, you’ll pay standard local rates when you make a call within the same area code.

KeepSolid Phones also lets you stop annoying telemarketers and SMS spam. Instead of sharing your actual number, give out a temporary number and keep your main number private. When you start receiving too many unwanted calls from the temporary number simply dump it and get a new one.

Making phone calls from KeepSolid Phones isn’t the only feature it offers. Once you select and purchase a phone number you can send and receive text messages too. The app gives you access to many different geographical and non-geographical numbers while keeping your main number private. This means your main number can’t be sold to telemarketers. Instead, give your new temporary number to merchants or those people you don’t want to have your main phone number for as long as you want and dispose of it when you’re ready to move onto another temporary number.KeepSolid Phones, voip, voip app,

I’ve had a chance to check out KeepSolid Phones and it’s so easy to use. Within minutes of downloading the app, you’re presented with numerous regions and phone numbers to select. If you need to communicate with someone but worried about the per minute cost, you’re going to love KeepSolid Phones and the money you’re going to save.

Key Features:

  • Run your business abroad and use a local phone number
  • Give out a temporary number and keep your real number private
  • Utilize unlimited amount of phone numbers from one account
  • No contracts, meaning no long term commitments or extra fees
  • Get rid of SMS spam
  • Shop abroad without agents
  • Make and take calls at a custom number in a chosen country
  • Send and receive SMS at a custom number in a chosen country
  • Save on international calls and spend more on fun

KeepSolid Phones gives you worldwide access to cheaper communication, but it comes at a cost. Businesses will find this as a cheaper alternative to carrier long distance charges. Casual users will probably find the cost associated with use to be fairly high if their just looking to have a temporary number to give out. If you’re internet famous, which surprisingly I’m not, you might need something like this to make phone calls. 

If you’re interested in remaining anonymous to make prank calls, KeepSolid Phones will let you secretly call your friends. This tactic will cost you some money to pull off the prank so make sure it’s worth it. 

I see KeepSolid Phones being used by businesses or those individuals looking to curb the cost of international phone rates. For example, AT&T charges $0.05 per minute for calls to Mexico. With KeepSolid Phones you’ll pay $0.03 per minute which is 40 percent off the standard rate charged by AT&T. To learn more about per minute and SMS rates, please click here

KeepSolid Phones is available now as a free download in the App Store. In-app purchases are available to purchase new phone numbers. Give KeepSolid Phones a try for free for 7 days and during your trial period you will get $1, which helps offset some of the cost associated with using the app, to spend on calls or messages.

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