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Keeping Focus with Forest [App Review]

450515_largerForest by ShaoKan Pi has been on the App Store for a few months now and has continuously sat in the top 3 on the productivity chart, with good reason.

The idea behind the app is simple; don’t use your phone and focus on what you’re supposed to be doing.This could be sitting having dinner with the family or working on your computer. Forest rewards you for not using your phone.

Each time you open the app you are presented with a movable timer and a plant button. Pressing ‘plant’ will sow your seedling, and providing you don’t close the app untill the timer has finished the seed will grow into a tree or bush. If you close the app or press I give up then you condemn the poor seedling to an early death.
Each time you successfully complete a timer you are shown your forest. Each day you are given another plot of land to plant on and you are also able to scroll back days to compare how you did.

With each successful completion you are rewarded with coins which can be used to buy better trees and make your forest look better and better. There is also a real life aspect to this app however. By saving up your coins, you can donate them to real charitable causes planting trees in Africa or India.

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Not only does this app encourage me to put my phone down and focus on working, but I also know that by leaving my phone for an hour or so I’m potentially helping a charity plant trees to benefit conservation sites and help get people into work.

Forest can be Downloaded here for £0.79 ($0.99)

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