Jump-n-Run in New Indie Game Tobi Run [App Review]

tobi runEndless runner games are really hit or miss for me, but a lot of people really love them. Temple Run would have to be my favorite since in the past I’ve spent numerous hours playing it. Creating these games require something which draws in and then holds your attention. It must be addictive enough to call you back for more action. Indie developer Roger Bruder just introduced a Jump-n-Run style game which has endless runner style qualities and seeks to challenge your skills as the difficulty level increases rapidly and it’s called Tobi Run.

Tobi Run offers 15 challenging levels featuring obstacles, abysses and traps. This indie game features one-touch control so the learning curve is extremely easy. Hidden areas are available for you to explore during gameplay.

Level complexity does increase slightly on each new level, but not too crazy. I found the introduction of new obstacles to be more difficult to adjust to rather than widths of land decreasing on new levels.

Touch controls aren’t quite as responsive as I’m accustomed to in other games that require quick reactions. For example, little Tobi jumps to avoid death and then you need him to quickly jump again as soon as he hits the ground but there’s no response. It seems as though there’s a lag between when Tobi hits the ground and when he can jump again. It’s almost like he bounces ever so slightly and you have to wait for him to settle down before another jump can be executed.

tobi run

This lag is fairly annoying since you’re trying to collect coins, avoid obstacles and traps all at the same time. A flaw or design element like this, whether by design or accident, discourages players from getting hooked on an otherwise entertaining quick pleaser style game.

With only 15 levels in Tobi Run, I hope its developer will give it a few updates with more levels before offering a sequel. It’s only fair to give a bit more depth. For example, Tobi Run could offer different worlds where he can save another princess or a few other friends in need.

In my opinion kids will get the biggest kick out of Tobi Run with its one-touch control and subsequent easy learning curve. With only 15 challenging levels it gives them a since of accomplishment by conquering a game on an iPhone or iPad. Afterwards they can go back and collect more coins on each level to record higher scores while challenging their skills.

Tobi Run is available in the App Store for only $0.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you’re a fan of one-touch style games, and can master the slight lag between jumps, Tobi Run is entertaining, especially for young household members.

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