Join The Battle In ‘Frontline: Road to Moscow’ [New Game]


Command the German army with your iOS device while enjoying all the comforts of home. Frontline: Road to Moscow by Slitherine allows players to take command of the frontline and push German troops onward to Moscow. Enjoy numerous battle situations like dog fights, trench wars, and capturing transport convoys, just to name a few, as you make your push towards Moscow.

As players move throughout Frontline they gain much needed experience from their successes as well as failures. Upgrades received during gameplay are vital to continued success, but everything must be used wisely in order to advance German troops in these historic battles.

Players will experience and engage in land, naval, and arial combat, which were actually inspired by historical events and true-to-life war missions. Pick your battle strategy wisely as each will have their strengths and weaknesses. Again, players will have to call upon their battle experience in order to take down Moscow.

This new iOS game will have you strategically battling enemy forces for hours. Enjoy all the historical aspects, battles, and strategy this new iOS game has to offer players for only $2.99.

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