It’s time to immerse yourself in Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms by Triniti Interactive Limited

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms is an amazing freemium game that doesn’t feel like a freemium game. I look forward to playing this game everyday because it isn’t the same thing all the time.  I love both aspects of this game, from building up my city to going to battle with other cities nearby.

Mini Warriors Setting 

This game is set in China between the Han Dynasty and Jin Dynasty in a period of time known as the Three Kingdoms.  During this time period China was divided into Three separate states with it’s own emperors.  If you think of this in terms of the US, imagine the civil war and add in the idea of the West fighting on it’s own too. This was a time period of great infighting between the three states.  Mini Warriors does a great job incorporating this time period.  Mixing in real characters and epic battles throughout this time period.

Mini Warriors Gameplay 

The gameplay is great! When setting up your city you can tell there is a set path you must travel down.  It only allows you to build certain buildings at certain times… But the layout of the city is mostly up to you. This is one of those things that I never seem to think about in the beginning and as I advance I start to think I should have done things different.  But, there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to setting up your village any certain way like Sim City would.

You start off very small, but your challenges are small as well.  And, in the beginning it always feels like you are more powerful than your enemies.  As you get more advanced it starts to change and takes real strategy to win battles.  I was in a battle that I lost by a landslide and I went back to the same battle and tweaked my troops location and was able to squeak by a win.

mini warriors, mini warriors: three kingdoms

I ran into a problem around level 6 that I couldn’t figure out for a couple of days.  I couldn’t figure out how to level up and I needed to level up to upgrade my palace.  It was kinda frustrating.  I contacted their support and they really helped me out.  They were great. From there though, I leveled up very fast and always felt like I was accomplishing something in the game.

mini warriors, mini warriors: three kingdoms

This game is a freemium app… So if you wanted to spend money on buying ingots to level up faster you can.  But, this game is different then most freemium games.  They give you ingots for everything.  You get to level 10, you get ingots… You collect a certain amount of wood, you get ingots… You win a certain amount of battles, and you get ingots.  So, you don’t have to pay to play like a lot of other freemium games.

Also with other freemium games there are things that you can only buy with in app purchases… So far (and I’m level 36) I have never needed to buy anything to get anything special that I felt I needed to be better in this game.

It’s really refreshing.  And, I can literally play this game for hours without needing to wait for something to refresh in the game in order to move further.

There’s just so much to do all the time. You need to build buildings, upgrade buildings, train your troops, equip your troops, send scouts out to research nearby cities, go to battle with those cities and recruit there hero’s… The list is neverending.  So many different aspects of this game to keep you playing.

I’ll be honest… I am not a gamer.  I like games, but I typically become obsessed with a game for 2 weeks where I want to spend a lot of my time becoming the best.  Then after about 2 weeks, I usually get bored with it and move on to the next.

This game has found a way to hold me, and I know this will be a game I will go back to all the time.

What I really liked about this game: 

I loved how fast I leveled up.  I didn’t feel like a beginner in this game for long.

mini warriors, mini warriors: three kingdoms

That I don’t need to pay money to become good at the game.  But, if I wanted to get there even faster I could throw in a couple of bucks and rocket all the way to the top in no time.

That when you go to upgrade your buildings it only takes 5 seconds.  So many other games make you wait forever for a building to be upgraded.  I remember playing Smurf Village (that doesn’t make me less of a man, really) it would literally take 24 hours or more sometimes to wait for a building to upgrade.  And that was really all that you could do in that game.  This game has so much stuff to do.

I loved the storyline in this game.  It felt more like a RPG in this way.  The storyline is amazing.  And the characters are very cute.  Did I mention that there is more than 300 different characters all with their own abilities.

I couldn’t believe the graphics.  As I got to higher levels there could be two thousand soldiers on the battlefield at once and I played this on my iPad Pro 12.9. When I zoomed in, I was surprised at the details of these mini-soldiers.

mini warriors, mini warriors: three kingdoms

Improvements on my wishlist 

While you’re in your city different characters challenge you to questions… Mostly these questions were about their backstory.  It’s a little hard to remember all these details. Which has to do more with my ADHD then with the actual gameplay.  So, my wish is that they dummied these down a little, so even I could answer them.

I wish there were more types of buildings you could build in your city.  Like armories or stables for the Calvary’s horses.

Basically, I just wish there was even more in this universe.  I can’t get enough of it, and even more would just be amazing.  I might even have to quit my day job so I can play this more and more.  Ok, maybe this wish shouldn’t come true.


This game is just amazing.  For all levels.  Gamers could really get into it because you have to grind a little to get your characters levels up.  Some of the features are not even available until you hit level 70.  So, it’s one of those games you can play forever. Non-gamers like myself will like the storyline and strategy that it takes to win battles.  I can’t wait to get even higher in level and be able to win more battles.

Triniti Interactive Limited has really unlocked the key to making freemium games the right way.  I am sure other game developers will take note of this and it’ll change the way we play games in the future. If there is a future with the elections right around the corner.

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