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iScape Gives Your Landscaping Project a Pulse [App Review]

iScape, iscape icon, iscape app icon,Have you ever tried to explain your vision on something you want or what you’re trying to plan and it’s hard for other to understand? I’m sure this has happened numerous times throughout your life and it’s extremely frustrating to say the least. When it comes to getting major design projects done around the house, it’s very difficult to share a vision on the final results. A photo and video app called iScape is available for you to download in the App Store and it will change the way you share your vision on your next landscaping project.

Some people are terrible at visualizing how a landscaping project is going to look when completed (I’m one of those people). Before my wife and I moved to our current home, each year we would venture out to purchase numerous annual flowers, plants that last only one single growing season, for a planting area around our brick paver patio. The layout changed from year to year, thanks to my wife, and I never really understood how she wanted everything to look until we were almost done planting everything.

If we would’ve used iScape, I’m fairly certain my clueless blank stares while out buying plants and flowers would’ve been nonexistent.

To use iScape, simply snap a photo of the area you plan on working on and start adding mulch areas, flowers, structures, walkways, and patios. iScape arms users with a plethora of options to bring your idea to life right before your eyes.

There are numerous ways iScape is helpful. If you’re trying to help someone understand your vision, iScape lets you quickly and creatively express your ideas. Trying to share your thoughts and ideas to a contractor can be difficult at times, but thanks to iScape you’re easily able to show them exactly what you want so there’s no mistaking what the end result should be.animated

To use iScape you must allow access to your photos and camera. Snap a photo of the area around your home which needs improvement. If you currently have ground cover items in place, grass, mulch, walkways, etc., quickly cover them up with the Texture Tools so you have a clean area to work with. From the Database, download different design items you’d like to add around your home.

Items in iScape Database:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Grass/Ground cover
  • Tropical/Cactus
  • Planters
  • Water Features
  • Hardscape’s (stone and retention walls, steps, walkways, patios, fences, etc.)

If there are design items you’re using regularly, consider adding them to your favorites for quick and easy access. While reviewing iScape, I noticed there were three items I used regularly and added them to my favorites which made it much easier to find when I needed them again instead of just duplicating them.

Design items you add to your photos can be edited fairly easily by double taping them. Quickly enlarge or shrink items for proper scale. You can even duplicate items, flip, and arrange the order (bring layer forward or send layer back). Once you get a design item exactly how you want it, it’s a good idea to lock this layer to avoid any accidental editing (I learned this tip the hard way).

I will admit there’s a lot of items included with the purchase of iScape. I will also admit there’s a lot of extra items available via in-app purchases. Up until this point iScape and I had a very wonderful relationship. Once I tapped on the Featured tab I was presented with almost $21 worth of in-app purchases. Should you download all items in the featured section, you will have spent roughly $26 ($4.99 app price + $21 of in-app purchases) from start to finish on iScape. Does that sound like a good price to pay for a landscaping app?

Landscaping contractors, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to showcase your work within minutes of meeting with potential clients if you don’t have iScape! Spending about $26 on an app to “WOW” customers is an extremely small price to pay. I’m fairly certain you’ll be one of the only contractors presenting potential customers with mockup designs of their property thanks to iScape. For those landscaping contractors reading this app review, stop here and head over to the App Store and download iScape right now and download as many extra items as you can afford via in-app purchase since you’ll use them with numerous clients in the very near future.

Homeowners, I believe iScape is exactly what you need to for your next project. iScape provides an amazing way for you to brainstorm your ideas and bounce them off your spouse or partner before deciding on a final design. It’s actually quite fun putting something together to share. The design items included in your initial purchase should suffice for most design projects, but if you see something you really want to investigate, the in-app purchases are priced fairly for what you get. With that being said, I’m almost positive you won’t need all available in-app purchases to finish your final design, but even if you do, $26 isn’t a bad price to design landscaping for your property which you’ll enjoy for many years.

iScape has been an absolute pleasure to review. Initially I was a little irritated by all the popup instructions, but eventually realized just how important they were since there’s a lot of depth to this app. The amount of in-app purchases available was also a bit annoying at first until I started seeing just how much you got with each purchase and how it could expand on your design project. I’ve seen similar software for desktop computers selling for much more than the overall cost of iScape, so one really cannot complain too much on pricing.

Both landscaping contractors and homeowners will enjoy iScape for their next project. It allows an abstract idea to come alive which gets you excited about the many possibilities a project can have. Getting familiar with the controls and items available to use is a bit challenging at first but paying close attention to instructions provided throughout the process allows you to quickly get the hang of using iScape effectively.

Before you start planning another landscaping project, head over to the App Store and download iScape for your iOS device. I used iScape on my iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Air 2 and found it easier to work with on my iPad just for the simple fact of having more screen space to work with.

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