Is iPhone 5S Out Shining iPhone 5? [News]

I’m curious if many other iPhone users are like myself. Excited to see the upgraded iPhone, now the iPhone 5S, but unlikely to upgrade as quickly as in the past. Smartphones are pretty much status quo nowadays. With smartphones being so common and updates so minor, do people upgrade so quickly from the next lowest model? Some providers are even starting to offer faster equipment upgrade periods. I couldn’t help but do a bit of research to put this question to rest about the iPhone. I was pretty surprised by what I found.

Information on Statistic Brain shows iPhone 5S holds the highest percentage of upgrades from previous models, as well as other titles. As of November 12, 2013, 86% of iPhone 5S buyers upgraded from the iPhone 5. Even more shocking is the overall number of iPhone 5S sales in under two months. According to Statistic Brain, iPhone 5S sales had reached 9.75 million by the middle of November, not even two full months on the market. The iPhone 5 had sold 5.15 million in the first two months. These totals are quite impressive. I would’ve never guessed the iPhone 5S had such a strong performance over the iPhone 5.

Upgrading to the iPhone 5S, for me, won’t be happening anytime soon. Not because I don’t want it, but I am not as quick to try and figure out a way to upgrade as I was in the past. Since I’ve upgraded my iPads over the years, I’ve found I want to have the latest iPad models since I don’t have to sign any type of contract with a service provider. I also find myself reaching more and more for my iPad than in the past. I guess I figured more people were steering in iPads direction when it came to upgrading. After seeing these stats, I guess iPhone upgrades are still as big as they used to be. Maybe I just don’t hear about people lining up outside the stores to buy the next iPhone anymore.

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