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I consider myself an iOS power user and NueVue is showing me how often I look at my iPhone. I like having the latest and greatest devices while trying to take full advantage of all the features and functions. One of the great things about an iOS device is how well they interact with complementary devices. My Apple Watch, Beats headphones, and Bluetooth in my car help me seamlessly engage with my iPhone. I’ve started taking my phone out of my pocket a lot less thanks to the devices I connect to my iPhone.

Since I’m not engaging with my device as much while out and about, I’ve started using a different style of case. I probably should call it a sleeve case since it’s a complete departure from the norm. One feature right off the bat I like about it is how it allows me to enjoy my iPhone 7 Plus without a case. When I’m all done, I slide it back into the case and it’s protected again.

NueVue iPhone Leather Case

First off, you haven’t experienced a luxury case until you’ve had a handcrafted Napa Leather case. This style of leather is so soft and smooth you’ll have a hard time keeping your hands off of it. My car had an option for Napa Leather seats and I regret not taking advantage of it. Thankfully my NueVue iPhone 7 Plus case lets me enjoy touching this smooth material everyday.

The NueVue approach to protection is twofold. You’re getting a case which helps protect your iOS device from scratches and it removes bacteria thanks to antimicrobial lining.

Device Protection

Let’s start with the protection it provides. A NueVue case is a protective sleeve you slide your device into when you’re not using it. This allows you to enjoy the device in it’s natural state. The front and back of your iPhone is protected with either Napa Leather or Faux Leather. The bottom of the NueVue case will protect your iPhone from a fall, but the top side is open which exposes your device to possible damage in the event of unwanted drop.

Another great thing I like about the NueVue case is how it doesn’t allow dust and dirt to cling to my iPhone. If you’ve left a case on your iPhone for a long period of time you know how unsightly your device can be after removing it from said case. Months of use have exposed it to built-up dirt and grim. This debris can actually produce minor scratches on the back and sides of your device. NueVue does away with this problem since you’re constantly cleaning your device each time you take it out of the sleeve.

Device Cleanliness

As I just mentioned, your device attracts a lot of debris while in a case. The front of my device is constantly riddled with fingerprints and smudges thanks to me and my toddler. Now with NueVue my iPhone 7 Plus is probably the most frequently cleaned phone I’ve ever owned.

Why, thanks to the unique microfiber lining inside the case, which provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the life of the product, I’m able to constantly clean my device. With as much as we use our devices, they’re constantly carrying bacteria. The antimicrobial protection helps you prevent spreading bacteria by cleaning your case by simply removing it from the sleeve. Each time you put your iPhone in or take it out you’re cleaning your device. By applying a little extra pressure to the top of the case NueVueowners are able to wipe the front and back of their iPhone clean.

The front of my iPhone 7 Plus (Matte Black) is nearly spotless when I remove it from my Napa Leather NeuVue case by applying a little pressure. The back of my iPhone 7 Plus is a little different. The Jet Black and Matte Black iPhone 7 are a total fingerprint magnet. When I remove my iPhone 7 Plus from the case, the back of my iPhone isn’t completely clean, but it’s much better than it was before putting it in the case. If you own a Jet Black iPhone 7, your phone will come out spotless. A coworker owns the sexy Jet Black iPhone 7, lucky bastard, and I’ve tested how effective the NueVue is at cleaning his phone numerous times and it always comes out spotless. It does a phenomenal job at cleaning this smudge prone iPhone.


NueVue iPhone Case Features

  • Handcrafted designs to protect from bumps and scrapes of everyday life
  • Unique microfiber each less than 1/100th diameter of human hair to clean the screen of eye-straining greasy fingermarks
  • Built-in BioCote antimicrobial technology, same as employed in top class hospitals to keep us protected, safe and healthy, that instantly start killing bacteria in seconds and eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 2 hours
  • Antibacterial technology is infused into every fiber of our lining and works at full strength for the lifetime of the case
  • Multi-function window option for busy bees to instantly check messages and notifications (applies to specific cases)
  • Wallet function for easy access storage, for essential cards and cash
  • Easy ejection slot – fast, easy access
  • Access to all ports for use whilst protecting
  • Genuine top grain USA leather – 5 year guarantee
  • Finest premium vegan approved by PETA and Vegetarian Society approved animal friendly faux-leather

NueVue Case Convenience

This is where NueVue is going to lose some of you as a possible customer. Like I mentioned before, I’m a power user. I connect different devices to my iPhone to complete different tasks throughout my day. If you’re not able to cut down on the interactions you have on your iPhone, i.e., using Apple Watch to text, “Hey Siri” commands, Bluetooth phone calls from a connected car, etc., eventually you’re going to get tired of taking your iPhone out of the NueVue case.

Since I’ve started cutting down on the amount of times I interact with my iPhone directly, the NueVue case is the perfect fit for me. There are those times when this case does hinder my ability to get my iPhone out and engage with it. For example, I have a two year old and if I’m carrying her while grocery shopping, it’s hard to see who’s calling me on my Apple Watch or to reply to a text. Normally I would fish my phone out of my pocket with ease. In this same scenario with the NueVue case, I must remove my iPhone from my pocket and struggle with getting it out of the case too. Generally this results in a missed phone call or I must wait till I get in my car to respond to a text.

Lastly, the NueVue Napa Leather case I have features a back pocket for a couple credit cards. I always try to use Apple Pay whenever available. Since not all merchants accept this convenient way of paying, I need a card readily available to use. This back pocket lets me store my most used cards for convenient access when Apple Pay isn’t accepted.

NueVue Styling

Napa Leather is my new favorite covering for a case. It’s so soft, smooth, and hard to keep your hands off of. The Napa Leather used on NueVue cases is sourced from Texas ranches and comes with a 5 year warranty. NueVue also has animal friendly faux leather which is approved by PETA.

These handcrafted cases are very stylish and sleek. I’ve reviewed other cases before and remarked about contrast stitching. I’m not necessarily a fan of this feature, but I can understand why others like it. In some cases it can be pleasing to the eye. In my opinion, contrast stitching makes a case look a little less professional. All the classy looking leather cases are simple yet elegant. It doesn’t need to be flashy, the style should speak for itself.

An option without contrast stitching would be nice, but it’s not a complete deal breaker thanks to the Napa Leather.

NueVue Cost

There are a couple different styles NueVue offers. Visit their website nuevue.com to view all available styles and pricing. The Black Napa Leather iPhone 7 Plus case I have costs $58. The same case for the smaller iPhone 7 is $55. I’ve owned other leather cases, including Apple’s leather cases, and if you want quality leather you have to pay the higher prices. Apple’s leather case for the iPhone 7 Plus is $49, which is cheaper but doesn’t offer the same covering, styling, and cleaning ability the NueVue case offers.


Final Thoughts

I really like the NueVue sleeve case. As a power iPhone user, this fits right into my iPhone lifestyle. If I hadn’t already reduced interactions with my iPhone I might not feel the same. However, I do at times feel the case restricts my ability to interact with my iPhone.

iPhone protection is more than adequate and there’s no worry about your device slipping out of the tight sleeve. I’ve found myself wanting a cleaner iPhone as a result of using this case. There are times when I’m using my iPhone 7 Plus at home out of the case and I’ll run it through the case to clean it. Hopefully this is just a phase I’m going through.

If you’ve never purchased a nice leather case before, you might experience some sticker shock. Believe me, the Napa Leather is worth the money and you’ll have a hard time using a plastic case again.

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