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I love my iPhone—like seriously love it! I’ve never been disappointed on any model I’ve ever owned. These devices have become an extension of myself and I feel anxious if it’s more than 20 feet away from me. With that being said, I’m getting a bit exhausted with all the different name combinations, especially if the rumored four-inch iPhone has “se” attached to its name. Are we going to have the iPhone 5se4” or something crazy like that?

Reading the new rumors surrounding iOS devices is something I get a kick out of. For the most part I shy away from reporting them, even though it would result in huge traffic, because it’s really hard to report quality rumors from the quantity of rumors filling websites each and every day. Recently I’ve found myself reading a lot of articles regarding rumored name combinations for a four-inch iPhone and the possibilities have really started irritating me if I’m being honest.

Thankfully I’m not alone and a recent CultCast podcast touched on this very topic, which I was extremely happy to hear that it’s not just me bitching about something.

The issue I have with the rumored name combinations is how hard it is to identify Apple products these days. I know this sounds crazy and maybe even hard to connect with, but walk into an Apple store and try to differentiate the iPhone 6 from the 6s based on looks alone without peeking at any markings on the back of the phone; it’s damn near impossible. Now add to the mix the possible addition of an iPhone “se,” “6se,” or “5se,” a four-inch iPhone that has the body of an iPhone 5s but the interior of an iPhone 6 or the body of an iPhone 6 with an iPhone 5 generation name. Apple still offers the iPhone 5s model and now there’s a rumored offering of another iPhone 5 type phone, and it’s going to be new…ish? It feels like a step backwards while adding another confusing name to the product line to grab budget minded customers.

It’s very confusing to have the most current product available being an iPhone 6s and then introduce a “new” iPhone which goes back to the iPhone 5 names era. It’s just gets confusing, especially if you’re not paying attention or following the product offerings closely. It’s rumored to have the A9 processor and M9 Motion processor, so why brand it with a two generations old 5 name?!

Are you confused yet too?


The rumored four inch iPhone next to an iPhone 5.

iPhone names need to be simplified in some degree or release them close enough together where you don’t have such confusing products or what feels like a few steps back. If there’s going to be a new iPhone released in March with a body resembling an iPhone 6, why wasn’t this available for consumers the same time the new iPhone 6s was released? It sounds like they’re introducing an inferior product that bears a very confusing name in the process. I guarantee someone will put on social media how they wished they would’ve known there was an iPhone 5se when they bought their iPhone 5s since it sounds way better, mark my words.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the budget friendly iPhone which introduces a lot of new customers into the Apple ecosystem, but I get it, it’s huge money. I just don’t like how convoluted the names are getting as Apple introduces what I see as iPhone clones after the release of amazingly awesome models. All the other smartphone manufactures have cloned the iPhone, so why are you doing it to yourself Apple?

One of my favorite things about going into the Apple store is walking in and immediately recognizing the product lines Apple has available for customers which they can take home today. I was having a hard time figuring out exactly how to explain the disconnect I feel with the products available until listening to a recent CultCast podcast. The product lines are so confusing you have to look at a flow chart to understand the differences.

It shouldn’t be hard for consumers to understand basic product differences on high dollar items. When it is hard to recognize these differences, it feels as though there’s a disconnect between manufacturer and consumer on what people want and what they actually care about. Consumers should be excited about purchasing high dollar tech items which usually means they know something about it because they’ve done some research or it’s groundbreaking. I find it hard to believe anyone in the market for an iPhone 5se, or whatever the hell they call it, will ever know exactly what’s under the hood other than it’s an iPhone.

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