iPhone 6 Will Debut Without the iWatch [News]

iPhone enthusiast may finally be able to mark their calendar for the release date of the iPhone 6. Apple has announced a media event for September 9th, which many believe, myself included, will be the date the iPhone 6 is finally unveiled to the public. Even though we’ve seen a lot of rumored components leaked, this looks to be the day Apple will finally let us see the finished products.

September has historically been the month new iPhones are unveiled and availability dates are shared with the public. With the release of iOS 8 and a Health app, many are wondering if there will be details released about the much anticipated iWatch. Unfortunately, I believe the iWatch will get its own press event at a later date and little if anything will be mentioned about it.

Although it will take a little bit of time to see what developers come up with regarding third party apps for the iWatch, there’s one thing very present in the market right now; a lot of wearable tech that’s readily available and in demand. There are a few critics out there hinting Apple may have waited too long to get in wearable tech game and how it could possibly make them fall behind. If there was only one thing Apple did well, it would be how they champion an idea, which in turn steers development on a given product in the marketplace. The same will hold true for the iWatch.

An example of this is the iPhone. Each and every time a new iPhone is released, people quickly start talking about what the next iPhone should or will have. There’s a constant dialogue about the iPhone and any other company in the world would love to have as much chatter about a product as Apple enjoys with their beloved iPhone. In fact, the highest traffic we get on iOSetc.com almost always comes from anything talking about rumors for iOS devices. The consumers drive the market with their demands and expectations, and when the iPhone came out millions of consumers wanted one. It took very little time for copycat phones to start hitting the market. You can’t blame companies for wanting to make stacks of money off a great concept like the touch screen smartphone.



The iPhone was and still is absolutely amazing, but what Apple let the market do in the wake of their success is even more amazing. So Apple delivered the iPhone and other companies developed products that looked extremely similar. Some of these new smartphones even offered a marketplace, similar to the App Store, to purchase third party software to further add to their enjoyment. Next up, similar devices started offering better cameras, larger or higher resolution screens, better customization through upgrades to their operating system, etc. This allowed Apple to sit back and gauge how consumers reacted to some of the improvements made by their competitors. If the iPhone kept pace with the competition, consumers would’ve seen a much higher price tag when these updated devices hit the Apple Store. I believe they subscribed to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and continued to offer steady and adequate upgrades from year to year while keeping overall costs relatively low with each upgrade. Meanwhile, their competitors were out spending money on what some believe were superior products that usually have a hard time standing the test of time (mainly the two year contract attached to the purchase of a new device). This allowed Apple to get a better picture of what people actually wanted on their smartphones year-to-year.

With the debut of iPhone 6, consumers will enjoy a slightly larger, yet still small and compact, iPhone with the 4.7 model. Those of us who need a larger iPhone or “phablet” will find the 5.5 to be just what we’ve been waiting for. I’m willing to bet the iPhone 6 will bring some smartphone users back to the iPhone with this upcoming update since the iPhone 6 will be the best iPhone yet and the best smartphone available on the market after it debuts. There’s a couple people I know that are already drooling to see what the iPhone 6 will look like, which will most likely bring them back to using an iPhone again.

When it comes to some of the improvements made to the iPhone and its iOS, we have reason to thank some of their competitors. You took some of the great ideas Apple used to develop the iPhone and now Apple is returning the favor by championing some of the ideas you developed. Now we’re even.

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  1. Ed Reply

    Despite the iWatch headline this article spends almost no time talking about the iWatch. The iWatch is going to give Apple a black eye because it’s going to be an absolute flop. Worse still, the Geeky device is going to make people rethink what is cool and what isn’t. Let’s face it, people buy Apple because it conveys coolness, hipness, and status. It’s like driving a Mercedes, it’s a solid car but the value is in the statement it makes about you, not the product itself.

    Let me put it this way, Imagine that Apple is a shiny white tower that passes down beautiful iPods, iPads and iPhones. Everyone wants these devices because they are of superior quality and they work perfectly. But what happens when the Gods in the Tower start passing down crap? Can you say 5C? The illusion vanishes and nobody wants it. Same thing with a Geeky iWatch.

    • There’s a lot of things in the consumer market, besides tech items, I shake my head at when I see people wearing them (capri pants, bug-eye sunglasses, skinny jeans, I could go on). Fact of the matter is, companies make this stuff since people want to buy it. I just hope the iWatch doesn’t fall short of expectations. We are always looking for ways to further integrate our devices with our lives and a watch seemed like a natural progression, at least in my opinion. I’m curious to see the iWatch before I make any assumptions about it, but I do share some of your concerns with how it will perform.

      Lastly, the iPhone 5c takes a lot of heat for supposedly underperforming or being a junk phone, which just isn’t true. It was essentially an iPhone 5 with a colorful backside, but it was going up against a far superior product, the iPhone 5s, and I believe Apple is extremely happy with its performance (http://bit.ly/1zXwsnM). I don’t know one cell phone maker out there that wouldn’t want to have a product perform in the market like the iPhone 5c did since it’s a moneymaker. The iPhone 5c was a budget friendly phone seen as an alternative to the higher price tag for the 5s. People seem to love it or hate it. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t a fan but I know quite a few people that are extremely happy with their purchase.

      Thank you very much for your comments Ed! I always like hearing what others have to say about what’s going on. Please come back and share your thoughts when the iWatch debuts, or on anything else for that matter. Cheers!!

  2. Ariful Islam Reply

    Apple typically releases new phones in September, with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s all released in that month. It had been anticipated that the company would follow the same launch schedule for the iPhone 6, but a move forward to August now looks likely.The iPhone 6 is likely to launch with iOS 8, Apple’s latest mobile operating system. New apps set to make their debut include Healthbook, TextEdit and Preview.

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