iPhone 6 Screen Indestructible? [Rumors]

Marques Brownlee, the YouTube tech sharing guru, revealed what he reports is a screen that is right off the manufacturing line for the iPhone 6. This is only the second video Marques has done on the iPhone 6, but this one is a doozy with such an exclusive part! In the video he shows you how and why a sapphire crystal display is so amazing. One of the most amazing things about this display is just how durable a sapphire crystal display will be. After beating this display up with a knife and keys, literally scratching and stabbing, there are no dents, dings, or scratches. Marques even tries to bend and twist the screen with no results…I’m sorry, he did say he left some fingerprints on it—AMAZING! To say I’m pumped to see this on the next iPhone would be an understatement. I haven’t used a screen protector on my iPhone for years and this practice has left numerous scuffs and scratches on my phones. With a sapphire crystal display like this, I can continue not use a screen protector and also leave off the scratches too.

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