iPhone 6 Allows GoodReader To Be “Better than Better” [News]

GoodReader_IconGood.iWare, makers of GoodReader, the “missing file manager” for iOS, just released an update that’ll have you seeing and editing things more clearly on your new iPhone 6  With as much space as we now enjoy on our new iPhones, GoodReader wants to you to have a much better experience while reading, reviewing and marking-up your documents on your smartphone. With this update, you’re still able to enjoy the same features of the world’s top-selling document reader, only now it’s optimized for your “bigger than bigger” device.

In addition to making it easier to read and write on your document, GoodReader has been updated to take advantage of some of the little goodies iOS 8 has brought to our fingertips. This update allows you to import and export files to iCloud Drive. Now with the capability of moving files back and forth in iCloud, users have the most options for syncing and sharing files. If anyone doubted GoodReader being the “missing file manager” before this update, they won’t now.

Another feature this new version of GoodReader supports is Handoff. With Handoff, you’re able to start reading documents on one device and pick up right where you left off on that same document on another device.

How does this new feature apply in everyday life? You’re at home in the morning going over a document on your iPad while eating breakfast. You don’t have time to finish because now it’s time for you to leave for work. You pack everything away in your messenger bag and jump on the train for your daily commute. It’s crowded and you don’t feel like elbowing the person next to you, again, so you can get your iPad out of your bag. Simply grab your iPhone 6 out of your pocket and easily pick-up where you left off. Why didn’t we have this years ago?


GoodReader delivers numerous ways you can manage your PDF files on your mobile devices. Good.iWare wants to unlock the potential of our iPhones and iPads so we are capable of virtually anything when it comes to document management.

If you’re unaware of what GoodReader puts at your fingertips, let me run down a quick list of its features. With this powerful little app on your iOS device you’re able to: annotate PDFs, highlight and mark-up text, create notes, text boxes and freehand drawings, draw lines, arrows and boxes, and share entire documents. Before this recent update GoodReader allowed users to insert blank pages, rearrange, rotate, email and delete pages, and extract a page as a separate file. That’s a ton of features when it comes to document management and the fact that you’re able to do these things right on your iOS device is down right amazing.

GoodReader is available to download right now in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus, but it requires iOS 6.0 or later. If you’re looking for something better than GoodReader, GoodLuck. It’s in a class of its own.


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