iPad Protection Like You’ve Never Seen [Product Review]

When it comes to cases for iOS devices, I’ve pretty much seen them all. When approached by designers from at Friendly Integration LLC I was intrigued by their creation known as iBallz which pledged to protect my iPads from spills and drops while also offering tilt for typing, stability, hangable, easy on and off, better for gaming, and lightweight, without being a traditional case.

Before receiving iBallz I felt as though a Saturday informercial case was on its way to us here at iOS Etc where we were promised a lot, but results would be lack luster and disappointing. Within 10 minutes of using iBallz I discovered we were dead wrong and Friendly Integration is onto something—something great!


Recently I’ve been enjoying my iPad mini in its more natural state; naked. This enjoyment doesn’t come without its drawbacks though. One slip and the beauty and design of the iPad is filled with scratches and/or dents and dings. If you’ve ever experienced dropping your device, you know how each and every time you notice the blemish it makes you cringe.

With iBallz you don’t have to worry about your iPad slipping from your grasp and falling to the ground. The foam balls fit snuggly on the corners of your iPad and easily absorb the fall.

I’m 100 percent serious when I say I’ve been tossing my iPad mini all over the place just to see how well iBallz protects one of my most coveted devices. The first couple of times I cringed as I watched my beloved iPad plummeting to the floor. By the third or fourth time, I felt extremely comfortable pushing it off tables, tossing it at someones feet, or giving it to my daughter when she was picking things up and dropping them on the floor.

The spill protection iBallz offers is great too. We’ve all been at the table when someone spills a drink and it flows quickly across the table. If your iPad is in the path of a spill like this it could easily be damaged or destroyed. Armed with iBallz, a spill like this will simply flow right underneath your device since the foam balls raise your iPad off the ground. Clean-up only entails wiping off iBallz instead of a trip to the Apple Store to assess the damage.

If you’re worried about losing the tilt display nearly every case offers, you’ll still get it with iBallz. In order to enjoy this feature, simply remove one of the foam balls and slide it to the back of your iPad to prop it up and you’re able to type on your device just as you would with any other case. This is the only tilt position iBallz provides so you do lose a few other angles many other iPad cases offer.

One great feature iBallz offers is the ability to easily hang your iPad thanks to the tension band running through each of the foam balls. I’m sure the case you currently own doesn’t offer up the ability to easily hang your iPad up for easier viewing. With iBallz you’re able to hang your iPad anywhere the band can attach to.

Where is this useful? Parents like myself know how propping up your iPad in a car will probably require another case which attaches somehow to the headrest. With iBallz all you need to do is put the tension band around the headrest and you’ve got yourself a entertainment system for your next long trip. iBallz is so versatile and there’s no need to buy another contraption for you to forget at home.x_iBallz Features

What about those of you using your tablet while cooking? iBallz lets you to easily hang your device from a kitchen cabinet knob, or anything else you’d prefer, for a better reading height so you can stop bending over to look at the instructions on the counter.

Not the chef of the house but more of a DIY tablet user, iBallz is handy in the garage too. I’ve started downloading PDF owners manuals for nearly all of the small engine machines in my garage and storing them in an app we’ve previously reviewed called GoodReader. When it comes time to service them or if I need to troubleshoot an issue, I always refer to the owners manual. Now with iBallz I can hang it from a nail in the wall in the garage or from one of the many hooks I use to store items around my garage. iBallz makes it much easier to refer to the important information stored in the owners manual while also being in an optimal spot instead of sitting on my catch-all table on the other side of my garage.


One of the last features, which is my favorite, is how amazing iBallz is for gaming, reading magazines or articles online. The foam balls fit so comfortably in your hands you’ll wonder why it has taken you so long to find them. Never before have I thought I would actually outlast my battery in one session until I started using iBallz! Extended periods of iPad interaction can make your hands feel tired and achy, until you experience the comfort of four lightweight balls. It just makes sense and feels so wonderful in the palm of your hands.

In the past there were rare moments when I would slide my iPad out of its protective case. This was usually while I’m at work or late night when our daughter is asleep and iOS toddler terrorist threat level has been downgraded from elevated to guarded. Rare naked iPad moments are becoming more frequent after discovering and using iBallz though. These amazing balls let you go commando with your iPad while still protecting it from the dangers of everyday use.

There are a few drawbacks to using iBallz though. If you use your headphones a lot while on your iPad, iBallz covers up the headphone jack. Also, on the iPad mini there is a cutout for the camera. I discovered that 90 percent of the time the foam ball would need a slight adjustment from obstructing the lens and ruining a picture. Not a huge deal, but if you’re trying to snap a photo of something really quick, you might lose the shot (but who takes tons of pictures with their iPad).

Also, the power button is covered by one of the foam balls. Users must pay attention to the marking on the corresponding foam ball which needs to be placed in this corner since it is modified to accommodate the power button.

Lastly, the tension clasp could be a bit stronger. I found during my adjustments throughout the week different ways to get better tension on the band, but the clasp would be unable to hold this new tension.

iBallz are extremely handy and a great departure from the norm if you’re looking to shed a case without sacrificing protection. My very first iPad was always kept in a case and I dropped it on one of the corners which bent it all out of shape. I wish I would’ve had iBallz back then since they would’ve prevented this damage. Even though there are a few downsides, I highly recommend iBallz if you’re looking to get rid of a case but still want similar, but better, protection.

iballz classroom

iPad owners with children will absolutely love iBallz! McDonogh Middle School in Owings Mills, Maryland went an entire school year using iBallz and enjoyed 0 percent breakage on the 110 tablets they used with their K-2 students. If that doesn’t provide you with some reassurance, nothing will.

iBallz Original Compatibility:

  • iPad 1-4
  • iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy 10
  • Most 10-12” tablets

iBallz Mini Compatibility:

  • iPad Mini
  • Nexus 7
  • Kindle Fire
  • Most 7-9” tablets and e-readers

For more information, as well as other products iBallz offers, please visit their site by clicking here.

Friendly Integration LLC offers year-round discounts to schools and other organizations looking to make small or large bulk purchases. They also just announced their annual Back to School sale if you’re not in the market for bulk purchases but still would like to save some money.

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We’re also giving away free iBallz and cases on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Contest runs from now until Friday September 4th, 2015 at noon CST, so be sure and check us out on above mentions social media accounts or by doing a search for #FreeiBallz on Instagram and Twitter to learn more.

(5 / 5) Amazing 360 degree protection for your iPad while offering more comfort for extended periods of use.

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