iOS Lets You Capture Christmas [App Bundle]

This is one of the best times of the year to capture those moments with family. Throughout the year, there are very few times when most family members come together in one location. Don’t miss out on grabbing a few photos while everyone’s around. Smartphones nowadays have excellent cameras equipped on them, so the old excuse of not having a camera on you is no longer valid for not capturing moments in time. Checkout some of the apps I’ve downloaded and plan on using over the holidays to capture my Christmas memories.

If you’ve kept up with my blog, you’ll now that I really got a kick out of Mextures. There are many filters and layers you can add to your photos with this application. A simple photo can evolve into something you never even imagined when you first took the picture. It’s truly one of the best ways to edit your photo for a totally unique photo that no one else will be able to duplicate.

HDR is an application I tripped onto while using the iOS application “Apps Gone Free.” This great little photo app lets you capture High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) photos, but then mixes the over-exposure and under-exposure of the picture you take. There are four different mix options you can choose from after you take your photo and it works its magic. You can also import photos into this app, but I found the best results came from snapping the photo right in HDR. You are able to save the photo on your camera roll within HDR.

ProCam for iPhone is great application if you are very familiar with changing settings on an SLR camera. If you forget or just don’t want to lug around your DSLR camera, this will get you through the night with ease. The great thing I like about ProCam is it gives the ability to shoot video with this app also. I really like camera applications with multi-use since it feels like you’re paying one price for two functions. Another great thing about ProCam is the photos and videos automatically save to your Camera Roll. Take some time to get acquainted with ProCam and you’ll become a pro in no time.

Adding some text to photos has gained some momentum. The application Typic+ unlocks this function for your iOS devices. You can use previous photos you’ve taken to add text to, or you can snap a new memory to edit. There are different text styles and designs you can add to your photos, which will create a unique memory for you and your family or friends. There are different fonts and design additions you can purchase, but personally I found the included features to be more than adequate for what I wanted to add to my photos.

If you like adding some motion to your moments, then you should look into iMotion HD. This application allows your iOS the ability to snap numerous photos that will then be put into motion. There are quite a few adjustments you can make to get the results you may be wanting to achieve. One thing I would also download if you’re looking to be included in the iMotion movie is the iMotion Remote. This will let you setup your iOS device where you want it to shoot from and then you snap the photos with another iOS device connected to the same WiFi network. Definitely download the remote when you get some free time before you want to use it so you get a chance to test it out before use.

Our iOS devices are irreplaceable in so many ways. Take advantage of importing pictures across different applications. Essentially, you can edit a photo in one application and import it into another to take full advantage of what the next application can do. For example, the ProCam will allow you to take some of the best quality pictures when you set it up before the shot. Then import the photo into Mextures where you can add many different filters and layers. Finish the photo off with adding some text to the photo in Typic+. Our iOS devices abilities to capture Christmas should allow them to spend most of the next few days out of our pockets and purses to grab some memories to share. Just make sure our noses aren’t buried in our devices rather than spending time with family. There’s always time to edit photos after everyones together and then share them with everyone later since it should always be family first.

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