iOS Apps that Help with Home Energy Efficiency

You’ve heard someone say it: “There’s an app for that.” And in the case of home energy efficiency, there are lots of great apps. From home automation to calculating an electronic item’s energy usage per day, these awesome apps will help you cut down on your energy usage and lower your carbon footprint.



Did you know that appliances that are plugged in but turned off can still be using power? Pretty uncool. With the EnergyUFO app, you’ll be able to manage the energy use of your appliances by eliminating stand-by power as well as automatically turning them off.


Light Bulb Finder

Still using those old, energy-sucking light bulbs? It’s time to switch to CFLs, and it’s super easy to do so with this app. The Light Bulb Finder app will help you figure out what type and stye of bulb will be a perfect fit, so you can switch ‘em out and start saving money.


Energy Cost Calculator

The Energy Cost Calculator app helps you figure out the operating costs of your electric equipment but calculating how much energy each one uses. The app will break it down to show you how the cost per day of the machine/appliance in question as well as the cost per month.


My C02 Calculator

Ever wondered just how energy-intensive your morning commute is? Find out with My C02 Calculator. As it monitors your carbon footprint, this app will also give you suggestions for being more green.



The Iris hub unit can only be purchased at Lowe’s, and then you use the Iris app to monitor and run your lights and thermostat. Iris takes home automation to the next level, letting you to add in automatic locks that allow you to use your smartphone to unlock your home.


Local Power Company Apps

You might be living in a city where your local electric company is tech-savvy enough to have created its own app — the best way to find out is to call and ask them (and if they say no, politely suggest they make one). Some now offer smartphone apps that will help you see in real time what your energy costs are for the day, week and month. They also help you set budget goals for both the holidays and the rest of the year.

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