iOS 8 Plugs Your iPhone Into the World [Just-A-Tip]

If you were hoping your iPhone would be smart enough to help keep you informed about apps you’ve downloaded for some of the store you visit, well that day has arrived. Next time you’re out and about, make sure to have your iPhone out and ready as you head out shopping. If you do, you’ll notice on the bottom lefthand corner of the lock screen an app icon for those stores with iOS apps you can use. For example, if you’re near a Starbucks or Apple store, you will see the app icon on your lock screen. To launch the app, simply swipe up on the icon exactly like you do when accessing your camera from the lock screen.

What if you don’t have the app? Don’t worry, you will still see the app icon in the lower lefthand corner of you lock screen. Instead of launching the application when you swipe up, you’ll be taken to the App Store so you can quickly download it.

If you prefer to disable this feature or you only want see those apps you’ve already downloaded to appear on your lock screen, you can edit this in your settings. Go into your settings and select iTunes & App Store. From there, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see two selectable settings under suggested apps. If you only want to see those apps you currently have on your iPhone deselect the setting for the App Store. Now when you’re close to a store that has an app you can download, you won’t see the suggested app unless you’ve already downloaded it.

Those users who don’t want any suggestions must deselect both options since they were enabled by default when you updated to iOS 8.

Some users may find this setting too intrusive since your iPhone is essentially aware of your current location. I’ve found this setting to be quite useful since I totally forgot I already downloaded the Starbucks app. Not too long ago I was at Starbucks and swiped up on the app icon thinking I was going to download the app only to find out it was already on my iPhone with everything all setup and ready to go. Maybe I should go through and reorganize my apps since I’m starting to forget about some.

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