iOS 8 Adoption Rate Continues to Rise [News]

With the four-month mark just around the corner for the public release of iOS 8, Apple announced the adoption rate for their most recent operating system has climbed to 68 percent. Despite having a few hiccups along the way with software updates, that’s a five percent increase from just a month ago. This jump is most likely due to the large amount of iOS devices people enjoyed unwrapping and activating over the holidays.

Current as of January 5th, 2015.

Current as of January 5th, 2015.

As a matter of fact, at the end of December Flurry reported Apple was the top manufacturer of devices activated the week leading up to Christmas (December 19th – 25th). Apple accounted for roughly 51 percent of new device activations worldwide, with Samsung coming in second place with roughly 18 percent.Apple-activations-Christmas-2014

Leading analyst on Apple products Ming-Chi Kuo predicted they would sell 71.5 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models over the 2014 holiday season. When you compare his recent prediction to last year, where Apple sold an impressive 51 million iPhones during the same time period, that’s a sizeable increase on sales. After reading information reported by Flurry, I’m starting to wonder if Mr. Kuo was correct. For every Samsung device activated this past Christmas, Apple activated 2.9 devices.

Another fact to help drive up iOS 8 adoption numbers is recently sold iPhones come with iOS 8 already installed. The 5 percent increase in iOS 8 adoption suggests sales were strong over the last month, which helps support Mr. Kuo’s prediction. On the down side though, when compared to the iOS 7 adoption rate at the same time last year, it was at 78 percent.

The recent iOS 8 adoption increase is higher than that of iOS 7 during the same time period last year, but iOS 7 enjoyed a larger overall population of adapters at that time. It will be interesting to see iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales over the holidays to further compare the two operating systems.

Confused yet? The numbers can get you turned around a bit when you try to compare them to one another. No matter how you slice it though, Android would kill for the operating system adoption rates Apple enjoys.

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