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Improving Your English Vocabulary Has Become Easier Than Ever With WordCaptain [App Review]

improve your vocabulary skills, app review, word captainWordCaptain is an app that helps you improve your vocabulary and describes the meanings of words within the English language. But this dynamic tool does not stop just there – it can also tell you what the word is in your native language, assuming your native lingo is NOT English.

In fact, WordCaptain has some 22 dictionaries which allow it to support the English word and its meaning in 22 different languages. It covers all the main European languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian, plus it will offer translation for the English word into Punjabi, Bengali and Simplified Chinese, among others.

WordCaptain is an intellectual tool as it can be used while you are reading an article online, a magazine piece, book or just an email and take the particular word you look at with a mystified glare and put it in its context.

That’s right: the English language has many words which have very different meanings when written in conjunction with a sentence containing different words. Take the word “set” as an example:

  • She loved to wear jewelry, and in particular she really loved dressing up in a twin set and pearls look, especially if the necklace contained a diamond.
  • He arrived at the car boot sale and was about to set out his stall, when suddenly the wind picked up and it started to spit with rain.

Here in those two sentences the word “set” has different meanings and the complex nature of the English language means there are several more examples similar to the one above where a word can have different meanings according to its position within a sentence. WordCaptain knows this and will not only describe to you what the word actually means but tell you how it is written in a student’s native language – be that Chinese, Punjabi, French, Italian or German. Indeed, there are 22 dictionaries translating the word from the English language to the language of your choice.

Those who are learning English can use WordCaptain whenever they come across an unfamiliar word. And as any English Language student trying to learn the language from their other native tongue, the English vocabulary is totally full of words to describe just about any event or verb in life.

The app also provides a list of examples where you might see a particular word crop up time and again. It also provides synonyms, so you can use an alternative word (with the same meaning) within the one sentence.

(4 / 5)

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