iMovie Makes A First Disney World Trip Something To Remember

Over the years I’ve noticed the amount of photos and videos I take with my iPhone has increased dramatically. Prior to purchasing my first iPhone, I found it comical when I saw people snapping photos with their cell phones. I can honestly say I took only a handful of photos with my old un-smartphones. Try to think back on some of those photos you captured with all your old cell phones prior to your very first iPhone. This is going to be hard, but try not to shake your head at yourself as you remember showing others those craptastic photos you snapped. With the many advances we’ve seen for the iPhone, I’m still amazed each time a new iPhone comes out to see just how much better their moment capturing abilities are improved upon. With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, I’m amazed yet again at just how powerful these devices really are.

Recently we took our daughter on her first trip to Disney World and I decided to see just how good the new iPhone 6 Plus and my trusty iPhone 5, armed with the awesome Moment camera lenses, were at capturing my families vacation memories. After seeing the Apple holiday commercial last year of a young boy being misunderstood as he buried his head in his iPhone, I couldn’t resist the urge to create something similar using the iMovie app on one of my iPhones. I will admit, you do look like an outsider or disinterested in normal human interaction if you create your project as life plays out around you. Unless you’re trying to surprise someone with this fun little project, you might want to inform those you’re spending time with what you’re doing or you’ll seem like a cold and distant outsider.

Full disclosure though, I didn’t solely use the iPhone camera app and iMovie to complete this project. I relied on some amazing apps I’ve previously discussed in order to achieve the results I wanted for my photos and videos. Without them, the final product would’ve looked drastically different.

One application I used repeatedly was Camera+. This photo editing application is a must have when it comes to adjusting photos. With so many editing options at your disposal in Camera+, it’s hard at times to pick between different adjustment options. Previously I’ve given Camera+ a hard time about all the editing options. Since I’m taking and editing a lot more photos these days, I’ve started noticing how this amazing app is not quite as difficult to keep track of as I once thought. Practice makes perfect, and this totally rings true for Camera+. If you don’t have Camera+ and you like editing your iOS photos, you definitely need to add it to your bag of photo editing tricks today.

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The second photo editing app I used quite a bit was Tadaa SLR. When it comes to packing for a vacation, my wife usually packs a lot of extra clothes and shoes, whereas I’m the nerd lugging around an overloaded bag of tech goodies and the bare minimum of clothes. Tadaa SLR helps you shed some weight while on vacation since you won’t need to take your digital SLR camera everywhere you go. I’m not saying your iPhone will replace your high powered camera completely, but in a lot of cases, your iPhone can capture some great photos and Tadaa SLR gives you the ability to edit your photos so it appears you took them with a digital SLR camera.

So how does Tadaa SLR work? It’s super simple. Capture the image while in the app or simply select a photo you’ve already taken with your iPhone. Adjust the depth of field or bokeh in your photos. Quickly add circular or linear blurring to give your photos a unique look. If you would like to focus on a specific person or object and blur the rest of the photo, Tadaa SLR lets you easily do that too. Mask specific areas of your photo so they remain free of alterations to create a very professional looking photo. I’m not going to lie to you, it takes a little time to edit your images, but once completed you’ll be happy you took the time to carefully mask specific areas of your photos. My two favorite photos in the iMovie posted below is where I’m feeding my daughter at the airport before we left Chicago and the other is our family selfie we took while on our Southwest flight to Orlando. Both photos were edited using Camera+ and Tadaa SLR.

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Another great photo editing app I used on a few close up shots was Facetune. This powerful little app lets you touch up your photos just like the professionals do with photoshop but you don’t have to spend tons of money on expensive software to achieve similar results. Facetune is excellent for editing those close-up photos when a few wrinkles or blemishes are attempting to ruin a photo. If you’ve always wanted to airbrush the flaws away in your photos, Facetune is exactly what you’ve been waiting so patiently for.

Photo editing is now easier with iOS 8 since you’re able to adjust your photos right in the Photos app on your iPhone. Now with iOS 8, you can quickly adjust a photos exposure, brightness, contrast, color, contrast, etc, after you click edit. In order to adjust these settings, you must select the smart adjustments icon that appears at the bottom of your iOS device. Make sure to select the drop down menus on the right to expose more editing options other than just light, color, and black and white. If you’re not a fan of importing photos into other applications for editing, iOS 8 has saved you a lot of time with this new feature. I still prefer editing a lot of my photos in third party apps, but that’s just me. I’ve been doing it for so many years now that it has become a habit rather than a chore.

Prior to the release of iOS 8, I was using tons of storage space creating videos with Hyperlapse from Instagram. I was hoping the time-lapse feature available for iOS 8 would be similar to Hyperlapse. Although I like both time-lapse options, Hyperlapse is my favorite to use of the two. With Hyperlapse you’re able to select different playback speeds when you create your time-lapse video. This gives you greater flexibility when creating a short video. The time-lapse feature in iOS 8 is great, but the video playback is so fast that you must capture a longer video in order for it to really be worth your while. With Hyperlapse, you’re able to capture shorter videos and adjust the playback speed to stretch out the video playback time, which results in more useful videos.

Lastly, shooting slo-mo video with your iPhone is really awesome! It seems so trivial to have a feature like this on your iPhone, but it’s tons of fun. I shot a couple of videos on some of the thrill rides we went on, minus our daughter of course, and some of them turned out spectacular. The two slo-mo videos shown in our iMovie are the monorail zooming by us and the drop on Expedition Everest. Notice during our video on monorail how you’re able to see people clearly in the red monorail as it passed us. Did you notice the dark haired girl in the very first passenger window? What about on the drop on Expedition Everest, did you notice the person with their hands in the air wearing a red magic band was holding a pair of sunglasses? You can really feel the excitement in the roller coaster slo-mo video and it gives you a chance to take in a few more details before the action starts back up full speed ahead. Slo-mo video is a super fun way to get creative and experience your surroundings from a whole new perspective.

Our iOS devices are extremely useful in so many different ways. They keep you connected with friends and loved ones through social media apps or by simply starting a shared photo stream in the Photo app where subscribers can like, comment and share photos and videos with one another. Conducting business is extremely easy to do from our iPhones with email, calendars, reminders, and the plethora of productivity apps available in the App Store. While you’re away from home, make a Facetime call back home to take in those smiling faces you have waiting back home for you. How you useful your iOS device is depends on how you put it to work for you and your family.

We haven’t reached the 10 year mark for the launch of the very first iPhone but the capacity to which we use them today is vastly different from when they were first released. Also, the things we are capable of achieving while using these amazing devices is reaching new heights with each new model and iOS. If you haven’t had a chance to realize your iPhones full potential, you must spend some quality time it to unlock the great things they have to offer you and your family.

A running theme we heard from a lot of people when we mentioned we were planning a family Disney trip with our four month old daughter was, “She’s not going to remember it.” I cannot disagree with this, but I must point out that we will remember it. The Disney experience is something my wife and I have enjoyed together for many years and the very thought of exposing our daughter to the same fun and excitement is very important to us. We don’t want to start building memories as a family only after she starts remembering everything happening around her. We believe it is important to have something like this iMovie she can look back on as her love for the Disney experience, hopefully, grows.

She’s going to forget a lot of things over the span of her life, like all of us do. Even though there was zero chance of her ever remembering this particular Disney World, we did our best to capture some great moments to give her something to look back to see how her parents were excited to start sharing amazing experiences with her no matter her age or ability to remember a single thing.

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    I said I was waiting on it, I subscribed….It was so beautiful Jeremy! Looks like your little angel had a blast…I’m jealous, lol. Enjoy the time while she’s little… it flies by. I’m gonna have to try some of these apps.


    • Thanks and glad you liked it!! We are trying to soak up every minute. Give those apps a try and let me know if there are any out there you’d like for me to review. I love taking recommendations for apps to check out.

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