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How to Download and Add Ringtones [iPhone]

Personalizing your iPhone to your own taste is one of the best things you can do. Changing your lock and home screen background image to something you’ve captured on your own is one of the easiest things to start with. You can also buy ringtones in iTunes to personalize your device or you can make some on your own and save some cabbage. I enjoy making my own ringtones using theme songs from some of my favorite shows. It can be difficult to create ringtones if you’re not familiar with the software, but it’s not impossible.

If don’t want to go through the trouble of making your own, we’ve made a few you can enjoy and all you need to do is download the files to your MacBook and sync them to your iPhone. If I already lost you, don’t worry I’ll explain.

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First, visit the list of free ringtones we currently have available and download them only on your Mac, not your iOS device. Click the link to download the zip file. It should start downloading automatically once you click the link. Once the download is complete locate and double click the zip file to gain access to the ringtones. Locate the .m4r file you want and drag and drop it over the iTunes icon in the dock.

Now with these ringtones in your iTunes library, we must next sync them to your phone. If you sync via Wifi, make sure your iPhone is plugged into a power source and is selectable in the iTunes menubar. I still plug my iPhone into iTunes instead of Wifi sync, I know I’m boring—it’s because I’m old. Locate your iPhone near the top left in iTunes and select it. Now you’ll notice a bell icon in the menu running down the left side of the screen and select it. This is where you’ll add your ringtones.

Locate those ringtones you’d like on your iPhone and select the box on the left side of their name to add them. After you’re done making your selections, sync your device.

When the sync is complete, on your iPhone go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone to select one of these custom ringtones you’ve just added.

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