How To Access A Privacy Browser In Safari [Just-A-Tip]

Safari_Private_Browsing_BanneriOS 8 brought us a lot of fun and interesting new features. While each new iOS exposes us to new and exciting changes, it also tweaks a few items and in some cases hides functions you never knew existed or moves them somewhere you can’t find them right away.

An example of this is the Privacy Browser option in Safari. Previously this option was staring you right in the face in iOS 7, but now in iOS 8 it’s hidden just a bit. If you previously used this function to keep your browsing history private, you might’ve thought Apple did away with it in iOS 8.

Thankfully this feature is still available for you to use and it’s hidden in a not so hard to find spot. If you would like to see how to enable privacy mode, check out the GIF below where we show you all the steps you’ll need to now when using this feature. Using private browsing will stop anything viewed while in this mode from showing up in your browsing and search history. It’s really simple to use and it can help you avoid an embarrassing moment if you happen to Google or visit something interesting on your iOS 8 device.Safari_Private_Browsing_iOS_8

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