Highly Anticipated Game in South Korea to be Released in North America [News]

Netmarble is set to release IDEA (working title) in South Korea this month with a North America release set to follow. IDEA is one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2015 in South Korea because of its unique mobile game play, stunning visuals and compelling scores.

IDEA features large scale real-time guild battles set to a full orchestral soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky. You might recognize this composer from movies like Pearl Harbor and the Transformers series or the music he provided for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Players will enjoy amazing high quality graphics and real-time party play with guild combats with a maximum of 21 vs. 21. IDEA will provide a unique battle experience which really sets is apart from existing RPG mobile games. Enjoy nine themes with more than 80 maps for you to explore.

Do you like customizing your characters? You’ll enjoy 3,151 types of equipment so you can create your own strategic move through various skill combinations.

IDEA delivers a complete online RPG saga through real-time large scale combat with your guild,” said Hong Kyu Kim, representative for Netmarble. “Just like a PC online game, players will be able to fully experience the thrill of battle, this time utilizing a mobile device.”

Netmarble has entertained us in the past with Marvel Future Fight and it appears IDEA will do the same by merging compelling scores which are perfectly aligned with emotional scenes and the chaos of war.

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