Hidden iOS 7 Features: Day Three

If you haven’t exposed some of the great features iOS 7 has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. This is day 3 of 7 in exposing those genius ideas hidden in the newest OS. Just in case you didn’t see the two previous posts, you can see day 1 by clicking here and day 2 by clicking here. You can either read them first or visit those posts after you’re done with day 3. Make sure to check back daily to see all the features I will share with you. Follow me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic to receive updates when the new posts come out.


  1. In iOS 7, users have the ability to select and deselect which applications can use cellular data. Are you a heavy YouTube user like me? Now you can go into Settings > Cellular and scroll down to turn on or off specific applications ability to chew up your cellular data. Implementing this strategy will alleviate users from having to login to their cellular provider account to view their data consumption throughout the month. If you’re going over your allotted data plan, just ask yourself which applications are you using the most data with and then go turn its ability to use cellular data off. Five minutes of your time could save you money in 2014. 
  2. Are you a fan of the Notification Center? Not a lot of people are, but if you adjust some of the settings to your preferred layout, you may just find yourself interacting with it on a daily basis. In order to adjust the settings go to Settings > Notification Center and scroll down to view all the items you can turn on and off. You may notice quite a bit of your applications will show up in Notification Center. This is probably why a lot of people disregard this feature. Why go through all the crap thats in there? Once you tailor it to what you want, it will become an asset rather than an annoying feature. Adjust your banner types for the applications you want to receive alerts for and, most importantly, take some of the applications out of being included in Notification Center altogether. To do this, in the Notification Center settings, select the application you want to edit, scroll down to “Show in Notification Center” and turn it off. Now you won’t get a long list of notifications when you activate this feature. Everything will be much more neat and tidy, making it much more user friendly.

NotificationCenterTake some time to go through your setting on your iOS device. Adjusting settings is really not as much fun as some of the other things you can do in iOS 7. However, when you tweak things more to your liking, it gets you involved with the device so you know where more items are located. Generally speaking, each iOS update will have most of these features located in the same locations, so next update you’re already ahead of the game. Also, when you adjust features and settings to your liking, you’re more likely to benefit from all your device has to offer. Get to know your device since you’ve probably signed a contract for the next couple of years, so it’s going to be around for a while. Check back tomorrow for the next two features I will discuss for iOS 7.

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