Hidden iOS 7 Features: Day Six

With only two days left in exposing iOS 7 hidden features, I hope you’ve learned a few things. If you haven’t read the previous five days of hidden features, please visit the links below to catch-up. You do not need to know the previous days information to utilize todays hidden features.

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I know some of the features I’ve exposed for iOS 7 you may already know. On the other hand,  you’d be surprised how often I share tips and tricks with friends and family that they had no idea about. This is why sharing information like this on iOS Etc is very important. I want everyone visiting this site to be aware of what their Apple devices are capable of. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic.PopularNearMe

  1. Going out of town or do you travel a lot for work? Open the iOS App Store and select the Near Me button on the bottom of the screen to reveal popular applications near your current location. Need to find information about public transportation, local news, or need to find a cab? This feature just might help you do that. In order to utilize this feature, you will have to grant the App Store permission to use your current location to provide you with results. This is a great way to turn your iOS 7 device into your personal assistant when you’re in unfamiliar territory. 
  2. How many times have you seen updates available for applications on your iOS device and you decide to do it later? Probably quite a few. I used to let updates pile up all the time. Eventually I would have 20-30 updates and it would take way too long to get everything completed. iOS has a fix for our procrastination. If you don’t have this enabled already, go to Settings and scroll down to select iTunes & App Store. From here, scroll down to select the automatic download options you prefer. Make sure to decide whether or not you would like to allow iOS to use cellular data to download automatically.

AutomaticDownloadsNow there’s only one more day left of exposing some of the hidden features in iOS 7. There are so many to explore, I am sure this could go on for weeks. The features I have exposed thus far are ones I have either used myself or seen others use. If you have a favorite setting or feature new in iOS 7, leave a comment below to share it with others. Also, make sure to go back and checkout the other features discussed on the other days. See you tomorrow for the final two features and make sure to follow me on Twitter, like iOS Etc onFacebook, or follow the Critic on Pinterest.

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