Hidden iOS 7 Features: Day Seven

Well, today is the seventh and final day of exposing hidden features in iOS 7. Hopefully you have had a chance to view the first 12, but if you haven’t, click the links below to check them out. You don’t need to know past features to utilize the ones I talk about today.

I believe this is the third time I have mentioned this during the introduction of these features, but I am going to say it again. It is important to spend some time getting to know your device. I don’t mean playing Angry Birds, checking emails, or going through all the tweets on Twitter. I’m talking about diving into your settings, updating information about your contacts, etc. It’s important to know where all your settings are as well as having the most up to date information on your iOS device.  When you upgrade software, you’ll already know about previous features that will most likely carryover in the new update, which then gives you more time to explore the new features that will come with the newest software update. Having the most up to date information on your device will most likely enable you to use new features that may be added with new software or when you upgrade your device. A little quality time here and there with your device will be highly beneficial in the long run. Be sure and follow me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic to get updates when new posts come out here on iOS Etc. Siri

  1. Tell Siri more about yourself. Give Siri some personal information about yourself. Tell her your birthday, home address, if you have family members in your contacts, tell Siri their relationship to you, their birthdays and addresses, etc. When this information is updated, you can ask Siri for specific information like directions home, what day is your Sister-in-laws birthday, the address for your spouses work, so you can send them something special. The more information you have in your contacts, the better Siri can serve you. Take advantage of filling in the most information you can about your contacts since one day you might want to have access to it.
  2. Reminders is a great function to keep you from forgetting something. In the past I had one problem with it though. I used to get task reminders before I left the location attached to certain tasks. Now in iOS 7 you can adjust the radius for the alert received when you enable the function for reminder alerts when leaving or arriving. In order to adjust this, you enter your reminder as you normally would, but then select the “i” to the right of what you just entered, where you will be taken to a different screen. From here enable remind me at a location, then select location. You can enter an address, select your current location, or enter an address within your contact list. Once you select your location it will take you to a map with a radius attached to it. Adjust the radius in or out to your preference and you will receive an alert when your location enters or exits this radius you’ve set. Be ready to impress your friends or family members with how on top of things you are now. Relax, I won’t say anything, your secrets safe.

RangeAdjustHopefully you’ve gotten a chance to view all 14 of the hidden features I exposed over the past seven days. Some of them you may already know, but others may be new information. Make sure and share these features with friends and family or you can send them here to iOS Etc to get informed. Make sure to come back here often to checkout more new, reviews, and information about everything Apple has to offer us. If you follow me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic, you’ll get informed when new information comes out. 

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