Hidden iOS 7 Features: Day Five

We are a couple of days away from the end of exposing 14 hidden iOS 7 features. Hopefully at this point you have already seen the first four days. If you haven’t, be sure and catch-up by visiting the links below. You don’t need to know the previous days information to understand the features discussed today. Each hidden feature I discuss is not dependent upon the other.

I’ve have talked about this before during some of the previous posts, but I cannot stress it enough. Spending some quality time with your iOS 7 devices will only help you become an expert on your current device and probably future ones. A lot of features carry over from update to update, so learning what is currently available will keep you relevant on most updates in software and, in most cases, newer hardware. When Apple releases an updated device, it may be running a new operating system, but it will hold on to a lot of the features you currently enjoy or don’t even know about. If you are new to iOS devices, you’re gonna want to dive in head first here on iOS Etc so I can bring you up to speed. Before you click “Read More” make sure to follow me on Twitter, like iOS Etc on Facebook, or follow the Critic on PinterestBlockContact

  1. Are you receiving unwanted calls, texts or FaceTime requests? Now in iOS 7 you can block phone numbers from ever getting through to you again. Go over to Settings> Phone> Blocked> and select “Add New” to select a contact you would like to block. If this person eventually gets in your better graces, you can unblock them by simply editing the blocked list. This phone number must be in your contacts in order to add them, so if you’re getting a random phone number calling you, just simply add them to your contacts and give them a really awesome name, like Stranger Danger so you can easily find the crazies you want blocked.
  2. Do you like to keep things formal in your conversations? Or, do you have a lot of friends or business contacts with the same first name? You may want to adjust how your iOS 7 device displays names in conversations. To adjust this, go to Settings > Mail, Contact, & Calendars > Short Name > then select how you want names displayed in conversations. You may be able to avoid an awkward text conversation  between two people with the same name if you’re only displaying the first name of your contacts.

EditContactsBoth hidden features offered up today deal with interacting with people. The first feature allows iOS 7 the option of blocking unwanted persons from getting through to you. Again, it is best to name the creep-show that is trying to get ahold of you. Try and name them something you’ll remember, especially if you don’t know their name. As for the second feature, it can help you avoid a very awkward conversation with someone. I’m sure you have some repeat first names in your contacts. You can choose to disregard this option, but I found myself talking to someone completely different than I thought a while back and decided it was high time for me to adjust my settings to at least give First Name & Last Initial in my interactions. Since then, no awkwardness…totally worth it. Only two more days left, so check back tomorrow for day six for two more hidden features. In the meantime,  checkout some of my reviews and news, but make sure to follow me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic for immediate updates when my posts go live. See you tomorrow!

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