Help Your Furry New Friend in ‘Upside Kitty’ [App Review]

144x144 app icon previewTurn your iPad upside down and get ready to help this plummeting kitten get his paws safely back on solid ground. Indie developers over at Team Turnover bring you a retro style pleaser in Upside Kitty. With two game modes, you’re sure to find one of them purrrfect.

Upside Kitty uniquely blends action and puzzle elements in this iPad only game with over 50 levels for you to enjoy. You must accurately plan ahead for your kittens descent as you battle gravity while collecting anchors, which earn you more stars to unlock more worlds to enjoy. Different obstacles stand in your furry friends way as you safely navigate towards solid ground. Gameplay does get progressively harder as you make your way through different worlds, so get ready to twist and turn in your chair as you swipe your kitten across the screen collecting anchors while avoiding imminent death.

Although world gameplay is fun, endless mode tests your skills to see how long you can last before bonking your kittens head and sending him to kitty heaven. In order to unlock this game mode, you must collect at least 35 stars while playing in world mode. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t access this mode right from the start, but once I started playing I realized why. Playing through a bit of world mode introduces you to quite a few of the obstacles you’ll see in endless mode. Glad you’re looking out for me and the kitten Team Turnover!


Of the two modes, I’d have to say endless mode is my favorite. I found collecting more than just one star difficult and frustrating. I’d go back to try and collect more stars on a level, only to give my kitty a dirt nap. This didn’t weaken my spirit for playing Upside Kitty. When I got frustrated, I would simply switch to endless mode to get my blood pressure back down before heading back to world mode.

Upside Kitty is a fun yet challenging game for your iPad. You’ll need both hands to play and I found it easier to play with my iPad upside down while tilted towards me on a book or something similar. One thing I would like to have is a toggle button that allows me to select the kitten for movement instead of having to tap and hold him. My fingers would always seem to get in the way of planning ahead or seeing where the kitten was at to correctly move or select something. To get around this, I’d select the kitty and move my finger to the bottom of the screen anyway, so why not put a toggle there allowing me to move the kitty easier? As soon as you release your finger off the kitten, you must tap and hold again to move him around.

This toggle modification would save you precious seconds and the attention required to plan ahead and collect more anchors and stars. Maybe Upside Kitty is designed this way to make it more challenging though.

Upside Kitty is available to download right now in the App Store for the iPad for only $0.99. If you’re looking for a retro challenge from an indie developer, Team Turnover delivers without question in Upside Kitty. This plump kitty doesn’t give up his stars very easily as you bust through blocks and unfreeze him during his rapid descent back to solid ground.

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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