Heathrow Express App, The Smarter Way to Travel between Heathrow and Central London [App Review]

Heathrow_Express_IconRunning out of Paddington Station in London on platform 6 and 7 every 15 minutes is the Heathrow Express train – a dedicated shuttle service which takes passengers from west central London (Paddington) to the international airport at Heathrow. It is the most sensible way to travel to the airport and helps international travellers avoid having to use the M25 motorway to approach the airport by car or taxi and thus deal with the ongoing heavy traffic which regularly occurs around the road terminus exit.

The Heathrow Express runs back and forth from Paddington to Heathrow every 15 minutes from 05.10 a.m. until 23.25 at night. It will stop first at Heathrow Central, which is where passengers should alight if they are travelling by plane out of Heathrow terminals 1, 2 and 3. There is a free shuttle service which then goes on to drop off passengers and travellers at terminal 4 and the express train will complete its journey at Heathrow Terminal 5 Station.

The Heathrow Express is by the fastest way possible to get to the airport. If you were to take the taxi, bus or a car from central London to Heathrow it would be impossible to complete this journey in under an hour, so the Heathrow Express is the most efficient and fastest way to travel into (or out of) Heathrow Airport.heathrow_express_screenshot

If you wish to buy tickets for the Heathrow Express, you would have to join the long queues that regularly form at the station ticket kiosks. But what if you had an app on your iPhone that could purchase a Heathrow Express ticket and one which can be shown to the ticket inspector on board as a valid travel ticket document. The Heathrow Express ticket buying app prevents you from having to line up and waste time buying tickets for the Heathrow Express shuttle train.

You can purchase your ticket online and it will produce a QR code which the ticket inspector will scan and clear you through for travel. This app is the ideal solution for those business personnel or regular travellers to Heathrow Airport. The five terminals at Heathrow Airport make this one of the busiest airports in the world, so travelling out of the capital and delivering you right to the doorstep of the airport terminal is like getting a taxi ride in speed and comfort.

You can even view the next train time information and save all the journeys you have taken in the past to your passbook.

(4.5 / 5)

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