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iOS devices have been part of our daily lives for a while now. Forgetting them at home can lead to a very long and boring day. Our daily routines rely on them; you know exactly what I’m talking about. We check our social media accounts before we head out to work. During our breaks we check-in to see what our friends are sharing or what our favorite business has to offer. Make sure to check for breaking news from your favorite media outlets before your break is over. Keeping up-to-date on email, social media, and news aren’t the only functions some of us are using our iOS devices for these days. The use of iOS devices to improve our health is on the rise. There are numerous applications in the App Store to help improve our health and wellness, but have you taken advantage of what it has to offer? Whether you’re just starting to use these applications or a seasoned fitness guru, you just might be surprised at what is out there to improve your quality of life in many different areas. Join iOS Etc as we explore 14 iOS applications focused on improving your individual health and wellness over the next 5 posts.


iOS users looking to get active should download Human. It’s free in the iOS app store and requires iOS 7 or later. Human is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 7 or later. Start getting in shape by simply moving 30 minutes or more every day. Human automatically recognizes if you’re walking, running, biking, and more. If you’re moving for 1 minute or longer, Human will pick up on it and log the time for you. Simply put your iPhone in your pocket or bag and go about your business while tracking your movement. Setup is easy using Facebook or your email address to log in. Human will keep track of your activity throughout your week and help keep you motivated. It’s a great way to start out small and build up to more physical activity. You gotta start somewhere, so let Human help you take baby steps towards a more healthy and active lifestyle. It won’t set you back a dime.


Lose It has been in the calorie counting business for a while. I remember using this application on my very first iPhone. The evolution of this free application is awesome and it’s available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 5 or later. Users are given a large database to search for foods to enter in their daily log. Lose It even allows you to scan a barcode on food packaging making it even easier to track consumption. Simple and easy is key when trying to integrate new practices in our daily lives. Too many complicated steps will only discourage use. Lose It will send you reminder notifications to enter food if you allow it. It’s easy to forget so why not enable simple reminders to keep you on the right track.


Setting up a target weight you would like to achieve using Lose It is easy too. Once you’re logged in, make sure and set up a goal weight you would like to achieve. If you’re comfortable with you current weight, you can set up Lose It to watch your calorie intake to keep everything status quo. It’s all up to you, but Lose It is there to track your progress to maintain or reach your final goal weight. Once you reach your target weight, your calorie intake will adjust upwards to ensure you stay at you new weight. Watching what you eat is key to any success in losing weight and Lose It will arm you with the tools you need to stay on track. Interact with Lose It at every meal and snack to track your daily calorie budget balance.


Not sure if you’re ready to track every single item you consume? Don’t worry MealLogger has your back. Available for free on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 6 or later, MealLogger lets you snap pictures of the food you eat. You’re not going to get the calorie intake info like you will with Lose It, but a catalog of what you’re eating could open your eyes to what your day or week looks like when it comes to food consumption. If you were to reflect back on your day, would you really be able to account for everything you ate? I could probably get about 80-90 percent of it, but some things  we simply forget. Add those lost calories up over time when trying to lose weight and you can really crash a diet quickly.


If you’re thinking MealLogger is less effective at helping you lose weight compared to Lose It, think again. MealLogger will have you snapping photos of your snacks and meals and sharing them with friends and health professionals for advice and support. You won’t get the calorie information, but the support and advice from friends and professionals could be the exact motivation you need to take steps in the right direction. Seeing exactly what you’re eating everyday just might be motivation enough to help change your eating habits once and for all. 

Here’s the first 3 iOS applications to help improve your health and wellness, but we’ve got 11 more to go. Make sure and bookmark iOS Etc, follow me on Twitter, or like iOS Etc on Facebook.  Those are the best ways to  stay up-to-date when the next four posts are online detailing how you can improve your health and wellness one app at a time. 

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