Health & Wellness SOS On Your iOS: Day Two [App Bundle]

Your iOS devices are a great tool to help improve your overall health and wellness, but a lot of us aren’t taking advantage of it. In an effort to open our eyes to the capabilities of our devices, iOS Etc is sharing 14 applications you can use to improve your health and wellness by downloading and using applications you’ll find in the iOS App Store. Make sure and check out the first post which has 3 free applications you could definitely use to kickstart a healthier you. Before you go back and read the previous post, check out the next 3 in our five day series.


Having a daily routine can make a workday easier to get through. A workout routine can help get you back in shape and provide you with much needed energy. If you just started working out or are looking to get back in the gym, putting together a personal workout routine can be a bit difficult. There’s tons of information out there on the internet to help you, but it can be a bit overwhelming. JEFIT Workout wants to make it easy for you to get back in the gym and stay there. It’s available for free in the iOS App Store and compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 5 or later. Users are able to download over 60 workouts, search a database with over 1,300 exercises, access training logs and charts, sync information with your online profile, and it all interacts with your social media accounts. You can login with your Google+, Facebook, or setup using an email address. After signing up, you can setup a routine or go through all the different exercises they have to offer. Exercises you find can be added to routines and preset routines can be modified to users preference. Simply delete items out of a routine so it fits your fitness needs or goals.

JEFIT ScreenShots

Once you have your daily routine set up, keeping track of your progress is easy. Between sets you can input the information while the clock counts down your break interval. If you want to add or subtract time from your break, simply touch the time and it opens up a menu to modify the stopwatch. All the exercises I saw had a default 60 seconds even after modifying one exercise. So if you’re looking to decrease your time again, you’re going to have to manually change all of them. If you need an iOS application that will show you thorough information on workout routines and a way to track your progress, JEFIT Workout is waiting to challenge your fitness goals today.


One thing you’re going to need to watch if you’re planning on starting a workout routine is hydration. Yes, your iOS device can help you with that too. MyWater is a free download in the iOS App Store compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 6 or later. This is probably one of the easiest applications you could use for tracking your daily water intake. Simply select either 8, 12, or 20 oz measurements and swipe up to begin filling your daily cup. Switching between different measurements is easy too; just select the new size before swiping up. Accidentally add too much; just swipe down to remove any errors. You can set daily goals, reminders, custom containers, and share your progress on your social media accounts.


You are able to collect mPoints for using MyWater, which requires a mPoints account to stockpile your points before you can claim any rewards. Follow the prompts in the application to setup a mPoints account if you don’t already have one. Ensuring you’re properly hydrated can earn you rewards to some of your favorite online stores. Who would’ve thought drinking habits could become a good thing?


Now that you’re getting your daily requirement of water, I bet you’re going to want to start watching what you eat too. Fooducate is going get you on the right track. Available of free in the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 6.1 or later. Figuring out what is in your food is a thing of the past with Fooducate. Scan the products you purchase at the grocery store and your food will receive a grade based on the nutrients and ingredients. Not happy with the score the product receives? Fooducate will offer healthier alternatives when available. Set up is quick and easy and will require an email address. There are numerous “Pro” options allowing you to track specific information like heart healthy, low carb, blood pressure, etc., but will require you to pay a fee.


Fooducate will also send you push notifications when you enter local grocery stores. Enabling this feature will require you to select grocery stores around your location so it knows when to notify you based on location services on your iOS device. A lot of consumers are trying to be conscious about what they eat and businesses will most likely try to educate their customers as soon as they enter the door using iBeacon. Applications like Fooducate may have to contend with the iOS applications grocery stores begin using in conjunction with iBeacon to educate their customers when they enter. This is a great application to help us make better food choices right at the point of sale. Applications like this are beginning to put the pressure back on food manufacturers to produce foods higher in nutritional value. 

Including these 3 applications, iOS Etc has shown you 6 iOS applications to help improve your health and wellness. Make sure and bookmark, follow me on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. We still have 8 more applications to show how your health and wellness can get better one app at a time.

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