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Have You Seen the App Stores Next 2-D Smash-Hit? [App Review]

arcade style games, app review, flippenThe classic 2-D game look has made a comeback over the years thanks to smartphones. With all the amazing and exciting advances we’ve seen in gaming, I enjoy jumping back to interact with the nostalgic game styling where my love for gaming was first born. I’m a late 80s early 90s gamer, so I grew up wasting days, if not months, on quite a few classics.

Whenever I find a 2-D game that gives me some of those throwback feelings of being a kid, I absolutely must share it with our many subscribers here at iOS Etc (signup to receive updates on the right). I’ve found an amazing 2-D gravity platformer game which makes me feel like I’m ten all over again—can’t put it down, yelling when I die, and reaching for a box of Nerds candy while losing track of all time and space. This indie developer has me flipping out with Flippen!

The concept for Flippen was developed while its creator, Glenn Verheij, was riding the train and it took him  seven days to construct this addictive 2-D pleaser. Eventually Glenn, the owner of Kjoeb, a one man army game studio where he develops addictive and challenging games, spent an additional 7 months fine tuning Flippen for its September 4th release for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Within the first 3-4 levels I was hooked as I made my way through each level as I defied gravity and imminent death through a series of obstacles.

As you advance, new obstacles and interactions are introduced to keep you on your toes while cheating death. Flippen is described as “easy to learn, hard to master”, which is remarkably true. You’ll enjoy 50 hand crafted levels spread over 5 worlds.arcade style games, app review, flippen

For those hardcore players there are 5 unlock-able challenge levels as well as a survival mode which offers you endless gameplay and high score sharing. In order to unlock these areas though, you must collect purple items which are available on each level. Some are easy to gobble up whereas others are seemingly impossible to collect.

While you’re enjoying Flippen, you’ll also enjoy the sounds and soundtrack playing in the background. Sometimes indie developers have a great game but lack a complementary soundtrack or sounds associate with the game are just plain annoying. This isn’t the case with Flippen though. The look, feel, and sound all interact well together, so you don’t find yourself hitting the home button to back out of Flippen or muting the sound because you’re annoyed.

Some of the best games are simple in concept, design, and execution. Flippen exhibits a clean and well thought out overall design and delivers on excitement, addictiveness, resulting in hours of fun.

Glenn knew he was onto something when he went back to the train to let people try out Flippen. It wasn’t uncommon for him to have trouble getting his phone back from fellow commuters since they were immediately sucked into Flippens addictive grasp. In one case, a fellow commuter exited the train at Glenn’s stop so they could continue playing while walking with him. I’ve had a hard time breaking away from Flippen and to be told I couldn’t go to the App Store and download it right-away would’ve made me beg Glenn to keep his phone for a few days.

Luckily we don’t have to go through the same letdown these commuters experienced since Flippen is available in the App Store on September 4th. For only $1.99 you’ll enjoy the entire game since there are no in-app purchases. What you see is what you get, which we absolutely love here at iOS Etc. Check it out, you’ll be Flippen out for it too.

(5 / 5) It’s easy to get addicted to this soon to be 2-D smash-hit in the App Store!!

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