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If you’ve seen my video about iOS Etc, then you know how much I like finding applications that are developed by unknown or up and coming companies. This doesn’t just hold true for applications, I like discovering new things throughout the tech world in general. I’m sure some of you wanna feel like you’re on the cutting edge too. One way to plant yourself on the cutting edge is to be a part of the evolution of new products hitting the market. But where should you go to find new or developing products? Kickstarter gives you the opportunity to invest in emerging products where, in some cases, you can get your hands on the products first.

Take an idea like Moment, a new camera lens for the iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy phones. This camera lens in development wants its users to be able to capture photos with greater precision and better control. The cameras on our iOS devices are good, but there’s room for improvement. Yes, the current way we are able to shoot photos with our devices is convenient, but we’ve come to expect better. Add-ons have been around for quite a while and they’re getting better and better, but can be awkward to use or hard get on and off. Thanks to applications like Instagram, Camera+, Mextures, ProCam, HDR, Tadaa SLR, etc, we have the ability to snap photos and edit them right away. We then begin sharing our creations among many different social media platforms immediately. Some of the creativeness people have with their photos is absolutely amazing. This creativeness in turn creates higher demand for better photos. Here’s where creations like Moment come into play and benefit from a community like Kickstarter

Remember the dot-com boom where it seemed like everyone was trying to found a new Internet company? Simply adding an “e” to a business name made it hip and relevant. Millions of us have jumped on the “i” bandwagon and companies are pouring money into research and development for products that go with our iPads, iPhones, and iPods. It’s hip to be in the “i” industry right now and it doesn’t only apply to Apple products. You can accessories or download items to modify a device to your liking. There’s so many ideas out there to be had and we haven’t seen all the market has to offer yet. Kickstarter gives developers of the next big idea a platform to tell their story where people get a chance to back a product, get involved, and share the information with their friends and family. Instead of a grassroots movement, it’s a techroots movement where we all can get involved.

There’s something about sitting back and watching the tech world develop around you. Then there’s the other aspect where you get involved with it. You can be a part of a techroots movement by backing a product on Kickstarter. Rummage around and find something you could see yourself using to better your world. Kick in a few bucks and join in on the experience. You don’t have to kick in a lot of cabbage to cecome part of the backers club. Just kick in a buck to show you respect what they’re doing and get updates on what’s happening with the product. There are different levels of backing where you can get the product early or when it’s released, an interview with a developer, media gear, etc. It all depends on how much you’re able and willing to put in to back them. You don’t get any stock in the company or anything like that, but you could be a part of the next big idea out there and you helped it reach the market.



Key Features:

  • Beautiful Pictures
    The measure of a great lens is a great image, so we’ll let these photos speak for themselves.
  • Small On Size, Big On Quality
    You’ll instantly feel the quality of these lenses, and that’s not an accident. With a perfect balance of size and weight, they’re proportional to your phone and extremely minimal. Clean lines and a machined metal barrel let the glass shine .
  • Works With -OR- Without A Case
    Mobile photography is about speed. You never want to miss a moment. Because of this, we invested in making sure Moment lenses are fast to attach and easy to use. After dozens of mounting prototypes, we arrived a two-part solution. A thin metal plate attaches to your phone — working with or without a case. It provides secure and reliable strength without harming your device. To attach the lens, a simple bayonet rotates and securely stops it into place.
  • Always With You
    Just like us, these lenses like to travel. We didn’t want anyone to have an excuse to leave them at home so they fit well in your pocket, bag, or purse. A compact carrying solution is in the works as well. Just click off the lid, pop out the lens and get shooting.

Two Products:

  • Moment Wide 
    The Moment Wide lens is ideal for mountain top scenes, capturing a rich plate of food, or the ultimate selfi. Anything that requires additional context is ideal for the Moment Wide lens. It captures an 18mm equivalent with nearly zero distortion.
  • Moment Tele
    The Moment Tele lens allows you to capture more intimate shots so you never have to pixelate your photos again with a digital zoom. Fantastic capturing portraits, the Tele lets you get up close and personal in a way your standard phone does not. It captures a 60mm equivalent.



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