‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Added to ‘Marvel Future Fight’ [News]

MARVEL-Future-Fight-IconThe blockbuster mobile action RPG game MARVEL Future Fight recently received an update featuring characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy. After updating the app, you’ll discover some new heroes and villains with new stages as well as some new in-game features for you to enjoy.

Access to new characters isn’t automatic, so you’ll need to run through the ‘Special Mission’ stage where you work to win items which you’ll use to access new heroes and villains.

The ‘Special Mission’ area isn’t the only way you’ll add characters to your roster. Check out the ‘Dimension Shift System’ where you access playable characters, which adds a new dimension to this already amazingly interactive game. Here is where you’ll experience battles between bosses which crash their way into current battles. Win these battles and you’ll be rewarded with the character being added to your line up.Marvel-Future-Fight-GotG-iPhone-6-screenshot

This recent update enhances your overall experience with MARVEL Future Fight by adding heroes and villains to your list of available characters. All new characters will have costumes inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy feature film.

Netmarble, developers of MARVEL Future Fight, is excited about the release of this update for their widely popular app and are dedicated to improving it in the future. Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-Shik recently stated, “This first update marks the first of what we hope will be a continuous stream of enhanced content and popular character additions. We look to further the popularity of MARVEL Future Fight globally through regular updates set to bring players a great gaming experience.”

MARVEL Future Fight was released in April across 148 countries and quickly reached Top 10 charts in 118 of those countries, while enjoying 15 million downloads just a month after it was released. I you haven’t experienced MARVEL Future Fight you need to head over to the App Store now and download this free action packed RPG game.

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