Got Skills in Your Game? Let ‘Skill Game’ Test it Out [Free App]

SkillGameIconTry your steady hand in a fun game that never ends called Skill Game. This fun and addictive app is being offered for free in the iOS App Store for you to enjoy for years to come. Numbers on a sheet of paper are presented where you must connect each of them in sequential order without crossing over the same line. You may go through a number you’ve already connected to avoid crossing lines, which comes in super handy. Also, you cannot go off the edge of the paper or you must try that line again. Each level gets progressively more difficult and with the sheet of paper changing shapes, it does get a bit difficult to not paint yourself into a corner. Skill Game is being offered for free for a very limited time, but normally would set you back $2.99. If you’re looking to test out your creativity and steady hand, you gotta head over to the App Store and download Skill Game.


– first never-ending game
– adaptive difficulty
– requires skill and strategy
– over 5 million downloads

– unlimited number of randomly produced levels
– the level of difficulty adapts itself to your capabilities
– skill and strategy: you must play accurate and clever
– an ingenious and unique game only for touchscreens
– exciting gambling with the shady character: Will you accept his deal?
– Game Center, Twitter and Facebook integration
– 41 exciting achievements
– for one minute, or one hour: a game for anytime, anywhere
– beautifully handcrafted graphics with Retina-Support
– one App, double the fun: for iPhone and iPad


– “This game is truly a masterpiece I play this for hours and with new challenges every time.”
– “Once you start, it’s hard to put down!”
– “I love this game! It really makes me think out my strategy before just taking off. Definitely worth your time and money. I can’t stop playing.”
– “This game is awesome and extremely addictive. I keep saying one more game, one more game, and before I know it another hour has passed.”
– “Very simple but incredibly intelligent game.”
– “Best game ever.”

…are clever?
…are looking for a new challenge?
…want to prove it to yourself?


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